April 8th


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  1. Please sign up to help with Lemonade Stand
  2. Please send in the Book form by Tuesday Student Treasures Books(check no and sign if you do not wish to purchase the book)
  3. All About Me pictures and info sheet...please send in by Tuesday
  4. Lehigh Valley Zoo Permission Slip info...please sign and return with $5.00 asap.
  5. HELP! I need someone to help cut out cardboard life size boys and girls for open house and tree patterns. You can use scissors, Utility knife or jig saw.


April 4th Welcome Madelyn Morrow!

April 11th Ryder reads to the class

April 12th Ryan reads to the class

April 13th Brooke D. reads to the class

April 14th Ava reads to the class

April 15th Adishree reads to the class

April 18th Ambri reads to the class





April 25th -28th Lemonade Stand


MAY 11TH OPEN HOUSE 6:00-7:30










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See Saw Learning Journal

Please look for the letter for a new exciting way to share student work with parents...Look for the directions and QR code to sign up for the app...
Download “Seesaw Parent Access” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store -OR- Go to using Firefox or Chrome and choose "I'm a Parent".
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Flower Of the Day Readers...Ryder, Ryan, Brooke D. Ava, Adishree


We took a safari through the African Grasslands....

We read Amazing Animals and Duke's Work.

We learned about Animals that live in the African Savannah and Grasslands.

We researched animals.

We learned about Multi-meaning words and words with the long u_e and oo sound.

We learned about shapes.
We learned about and wrote Poetry in our POETRY CAFE.


Next week...
We will become Entomologists and learn about butterflies and insects.
We will research insects and learn about the Butterfly Life Cycle.
We will learn about Patterns and shapes.
We will review nouns, verbs and adjectives.
We will write POETRY.

WORD STUDY... long U spelling pattern...Test on April 11th

use, cute, cube, tube, tune, rule, mule, fool, cool, pool, tool, school

WORD STUDY... y as i spelling pattern...Test on April 18th

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Plant Seeds of Kindness... LEMONADE STAND

Our first grade class will join forces with our 4th grade Buddies to help Plant Seeds of kindness and learning...we will plan, set up and run a LEMONADE STAND during Conference Week...all donations will be donated to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

We will use our learning to reinforce money, reading , writing and higher level thinking skills and then show kindness by donating the money raised.

We are looking for student and parent volunteers to help monitor the stand during conference week. Sign-up on sign up sheet on sign-up genius.... We also need donations for cups, Countrytime Lemonade, lemons and anything else we might need.

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STUDENT TREASURES PUBLISHED BOOK...Order forms due on April 11th

Our class will be creating a Student Treasured Published Book....WINGS. Each child will have a written page and illustration in our class book...If I had wings I would have....

We will share our books at our Book Brunch in June. If you wish to purchase a book please follow the directions on the form and return by April 11th.

Please do not feel you need to purchase a copy of the book but they make a wonderful keepsake. If you do not wish to buy a book please check no and sign the form at the bottom. We need the signed form back so our class can get a free copy of the book. If you wish to purchase a book please follow the directions on the form. My class made the books last year for the first time and they got wonderful. All order forms due back by April 11th. Thank you!!!

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Timelines...Please return info sheet and 3 pics by Friday.

In the beginning of the year we read stories that were “All About Me”. We have grown so much since the beginning of the year. As part of our language arts curriculum we are writing poems and stories about ourselves and families. As part of our social studies curriculum, the students will also be making timelines about themselves. We would like to create our own timelines using pictures. Please help your child select three pictures of themselves throughout various stages in their lives. We would like each child to have a baby picture, a current picture and one that falls sometime in between. (toddler) Please keep pictures wallet size, 4 X 6 or smaller. Please put your child’s name on the back of each picture to ensure we return the right photos to you. Please send the pictures to school by April 1st . Please fill out the ALL ABOUT ME form so we have info for our books.

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The Zoo...Please return permission slips and $5.00 ASAP

Lehigh Valley Zoo

The first graders will be visiting the Lehigh Valley Zoo on May 24th .

Please look for permission slips today. The PTO is paying the cost of admissions ($11.50)for each student. The cost to you is $5.00 per student which will help pay for the remainder of transportation costs. We will need two parents with clearances to help chaperone the trip. Each student will need to pack a bagged lunch and wear their Shoemaker Shirt. Please return the permission slip and $5.00 ASAP.

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DON'T FORGET...FLOWER OF THE DAY ... this week with Liam, Kyra, Avery, Arthur, Jadyn

Starting March 21st a student will be named Flower Of the Day. We will write a special book about each child. The students will have the opportunity to read to the class on their designated day and be the Blooming Reader for that day... Please help your child practice a short book to read to the class on that day. We want to help build confidence and fluency. If they wish, students may also bring a snack to share on that day just like story and snack…Snack is Optional: ( pretzels, fun fruits, grapes, gold fish, 100 cal snack bags. No peanuts! ) Please mark your calendar and send in your book and snack, if you wish, on your schedule day. (Look for the schedule.) 25 students

Top Turtle is Kamryn

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Genius Hour

Genius Hour and Passion projects are a BIG HIT! Our class created Rain Forest Reports. We are making presentation boards and we will be sharing our presentations with you soon!!!


Welcome to our Student Teacher.

Welcome to... Mrs. Patty Tantum! Mrs. Tatum enjoyed her first week and has been a hug help managing all our centers and projects!!!


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On Wednesday, May 11th 6:00-7:30 the first graders will share all the have done throughout the year at our SHOEMAKER OPEN HOUSE.


On Thursday, June 9th the first graders will perform a First Grade Musical for parents and school friends.


On THURSDAY, June 9th Mrs. Arnold's Class will also have a Book Brunch where students will share books they have made and we will watch our end of the year school video.

Look for invites in the future.


Dear Parents,

It’s hard to believe that we are in the third marking period. Throughout the year we have seen our first graders develop sight vocabularies, fluency, writing skills, math skills, and social skills. It is great to see how they have grown in many areas.

On April 22nd , the report cards will be available to view on HAC. Report cards show a snapshot of the progress your child has made. For the first time, you will see a letter grade in language arts and math, along with the checklist. Students often do not understand the letter grade which they receive, therefore we try not to put the emphasis on the grades but rather on the learning and the strengths and areas how the student can improve. Grades are a combination of chapter, unit, and theme test scores, daily work, vocabulary and spelling progress, writing activities, and reading and math progress made. The checklist and comments provide the areas where students show strengths and weaknesses. Please keep in mind that a C is considered satisfactory work, a B is good work, and an A is excellent work. The Achievement code is listed on the back of the report card.

We will be busy assessing students over the next months.

I am so proud of the progress our first graders have made and I look forward to meeting with you to celebrate their growth! I will go over their portfolio and grades with you during conferences week, during the week of April 25th . Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call me.


Mrs. Arnold



Spring is in the air! As we prepare for spring we are not only planting seeds of kindness but planting seeds of learning. We will be busy doing many hands on STEM related projects including planting and observing seeds, planting our school yard garden, learning about animals, especially backyard animals, rainforest animals, going to the zoo, learning about rocks, fossils and dinosaurs and learning about Earth Day.

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Plant Seeds of Learning


In April, we will be raising caterpillars and watching how they transform into butterflies. We will be bringing home trees to plant in honor of Arbor and Earth Day. Please plant them and water them often until they take root.


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Amazing Animals

Learning about animals is a big part of the first grade curriculum. In addition to all the year-long activities we have done and our trip we are planning to the L.V. zoo, we are also planning an animal center day geared to hands on STEM activities. Students will get to explore “Amazing Animals” by rotating through different centers and they will even get to touch some real animals. Animal Center Day is March 24th .

We are looking for small animals that students can observe(lizards, frogs, snakes, birds) Please let me know if you have a unique pet we could borrow for the day.

We will also be creating several projects on these days. If you are willing to help donate materials, please complete the form sent home and return ASAP. Thank you!

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Earth Day Centers

On April 22nd we will celebrate Earth Day by planting our schoolyard garden and engaging in hands on centers featuring worms, soil and plant activities. We will need volunteers for this day.
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First Grades Rock Kindness

On April 29th we will Rock 'n Roll, practice kindness and learn about rocks. We will be dancing under black lights. Each student will need a plain white t-shirt to decorate for that day. More info will follow.
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On May 13th we will celebrate our dinosaur unit with a Dinosaur Day featuring fossil, dinosaur and rock activities. We will need volunteers for this special day.
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Talent Show

The Shoemaker talent scouts are searching for talented students to perform in our annual talent show! The talent show is open to students in all grades. Later in the spring, each grade level will produce its own talent show for the students in that particular grade. From these grade level talent shows, select acts will be chosen to perform at an all-school assembly at the end of the year. Ask me for a sign up sheet or print off Shoemaker website.

Guidelines for the talent shows are: acts must be no more than 2 minutes in length. Please keep in mind that all songs must be appropriate for a K-5 audience, so please monitor lyrics. Ideas for acceptable acts include: singing, dancing, playing an instrument, performing a skit, telling jokes, and performing magic tricks. Martial arts acts are not permitted. Acts may have more than one student, but all students in the act must be in the same grade. Students may only audition for one act. Acts must be well rehearsed, and students must be prepared with sheet music, CDs/iPods, and props on audition day. If your child wishes to perform an act, please fill out the form (emailed) (please attach lyrics to songs!) and have your child return it to school by the deadline.

First Grade Talent Show is June 3rd

School Talent Show June 10th

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Keep studying those spelling words each week to prepare for weekly check ups and to learn word patterns.

Click on link below to access SPELL CITY:

Reinforce and practice spelling words by weekly lists on Spell City. Start with the bottom list of words and work up.

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We are up and kicking it with math facts.... we took our first test and now students will move through levels at their own pace . Students will have 2 minutes to complete 30 math problems. Students need to pass 25 + to move onto the next level. Students must pass 4 levels to earn a belt except for the white belt. Over the next few months, we will continue to test addition, subtraction and mixed facts to see how students progress… Look for updates on Homework Helper.
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Xtra Math

We are using a program called XtraMath to increase speed and accuracy in arithmetic. Each student is invited to spend a few minutes each day practicing math on a computer, tablet, or phone. If you would like to do XtraMath on a tablet or smartphone, look for XtraMath in the app store. The app costs $5. On a laptop or desktop computer, he/she can do XtraMath for free at

How to Practice with your child...

Practice Sheets-When your child comes home with a practice sheet, have him/her erase any work from earlier that day. Then have him/her read each fact (not just the answer) aloud along with the answer. If you hear either the slightest hesitation or you child makes an error, give them extra practice by immediately giving your child the answer and asking him/her to repeat the problem and the answer again. Your child should then back up three problems and begin again. If there is no hesitation or mistake, be sure to praise your child. If you would like to have them practice writing the answers, wait at least an hour or try again in the morning. When working on memorizing facts, two short sessions with time in between is much more helpful than one very long session.

Flash Cards–When using flash cards with your child, use only 12 flash cards at a time (9 cards should be cards with facts that your child has already mastered. Brain research states that it is better to learn a small amount of new material mixed with a larger amount of mastered material. Cards are numbered at the bottom to let you know what order to switch new cards in. Start with the original 12. When your child is able to answer all 12 correctly in a cold read (the first time you practice), switch out #s 1-3 for #s 13-15. You will repeat this process each time switching out the oldest cards for newer ones as your child masters new facts. Do not rush to swap out cards, make sure your child has really mastered the facts. The old cards will go into a review deck which should be used every 4thtime you practice.

Spend about 2 to 3 minutes running through the cards. Your child should read each fact (not just the answer) aloud along with the answer. If you hear either the slightest hesitation or your child makes an error, give them extra practice by immediately giving your child the answer and asking him/her to repeat the problem and the answer again. Have your child repeat the fact and answer three more times. Put the card back three cards from the front so that your child has an opportunity to practice it again.

Math Fact Automaticity

What is Automaticity With Math Facts?

When students first begin learning math facts, they learn them to the level of accuracy –they are able to solve the problems correctly, if they take their time and concentrate. As they continue practicing, they develop fluency –the ability to solve problems quickly without making mistakes. The final stage is automaticity –students are able to solve problems quickly without errors and without much conscious attention. A student who has automaticity with math facts is able to perform other tasks at the same time (problem solving, multi-step problems, etc.). Students who have automaticity in decoding are able to read flashcards of the word without even thinking about it. Likewise, a student who has automaticity with math facts can’t help but to say the answer when they see the math fact.

Students who lack automaticity with math facts often complete higher leveled math problems riddled with tiny computation errors. These errors stem from not knowing their math facts to the level of automaticity. The student can either focus on the steps of the math problem, or focus on solving the math fact correctly, but they can’t do both. Helping students learn math facts to automaticity will improve their ability to learn and retain higher order math skills because they won’t be distracted with remembering their math facts.

How this program works: Rather than the usual sequence of learning math facts by factor (all the ones, fives, nines, etc.), this program introduces 2 new facts (and their reverses) per sheet so that students do not have too many to learn at a time. Students often fail to learn their facts because they are asked to learn too much at one time. When facts are introduced too quickly, students begin to confuse what they have already learned with newly introduced facts.

In addition, some of the more difficult facts are introduced midway through the sequence rather than at the end so that students have more time to work with them. Research seems to indicate that students often have more difficulty with these facts because they don’t have as much time to work with them, and they are learned late in the sequence when students have more facts they are trying to keep track of.

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Click the links below for resources for to help at home.

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