October 28th AMSHS Weekly Update

Building independent lifelong learners.

Principal's Corner

Hello Warrior Family!

Parent/Teacher Conference was a huge success! Thank you to all who came out to talk with teachers and help support student learning. Mrs. Carlock will give more information about attendance winners so make sure you keep scrolling and read Counselor's Corner as well.

Building a positive school culture and serving our community is something we take pride in at AMSHS.

Mrs. Paul's NHS students hosted a Bingo event for local seniors. They made a soup dinner and played Bingo together on Tuesday night.

Mrs. Rolve's class is heading up a recycling program for our district and trying to be intentional about keeping our school and community clean.

Mrs. Holcomb took a group of FFA students to National Convention so they could learn about the FFA and all it does around the country for local communities like ours.

I am so thankful AMSHS has a great team and amazing students willing to work on multiple projects and activities to boost learning and help our students gain appreciation and respect for the great community we live in.


Mrs. Barbara Terry

Middle School/ High School Principal

Albany R-3 School District

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AMSHS Cell Phone Policy

Students were reminded of our cellphone policy this week and staff will do their best to enforce this policy.

Cell Phone Policy

In order to address the growing parental concerns about student safety and well-being while traveling to and from school, student activity during the school day, and the teachers’ concerns for cheating and distractions during classes, the Albany R-III School District will allow students to possess cell phones provided the following rules are strictly adhered to:

  1. Student cell phones and other communication devices are kept on silent to not distract others throughout the day.

  2. Students are not permitted to take photos or videos of teachers, staff, or other students without their knowledge.

  3. Student cell phones are stored in lockers and are not permitted in classrooms, locker rooms, restrooms, gyms, or lunchrooms.

  4. Students are permitted to check cell phones at their lockers during transition times as long as they are not tardy to their next class.

  5. Students who abuse cell phone usage or fail to adhere to the cell phone policy will face the following consequences.

  1. 1st offense- Cell phone is confiscated by the teacher/ staff member and taken to the office. Students may collect from administration at the end of the day.

  2. 2nd offense- Cell phone is confiscated by the teacher/staff member and taken to the office. Building administrator will notify parents to come and collect cell phones.

  3. 3rd offense- Cell phone is confiscated by the teacher/staff member and taken to the office. Students will serve a scheduled lunch detention. The student cell phone will be returned following detention served and/or at the end of the school day.

  4. Any further offenses will be subject to consequences by administrative discretion.

Students should use adult etiquette and refrain from using cell phones while participating in contests, concerts, games, etc. A student who uses cell phones excessively or who doesn’t follow adult etiquette, may have limitations placed upon them. Usage of cell phones and other electronic or communication devices when not approved will result in disciplinary actions. IPods, MP3 players, and other electronic devices are at the discretion of each teacher.

Albany R-III High/Middle School and the Albany R-III School District are not responsible for recovery, reimbursement, or replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged cell phones or electronic devices. No camera or video-capable personal electronic device may be used in locker rooms, restrooms, the lunchroom, or any classroom at any time. Photo, video, and/or audio recording without explicit written permission of subjects will result in disciplinary action.

Counselor's Corner

Hey Warriors! Happy Halloween!

We really enjoyed seeing everyone’s creative costumes today and trick or treating in the halls.

Here are a few things to know:

  • I passed out the William Grace Scholarship Application to seniors today. If I missed someone or someone loses theirs, another can be picked up from my office. There is a personal statement required for this scholarship. If the students type it, they are welcome to share it with me and I will get it printed and attached to their application. The deadline is Dec 16th and interviews for this scholarship will be in March. The exact date information will go out as soon as I know.

  • Juniors will be taking the ASVAB test on November 8th.

  • We will draw for winners for the self-control character trait on Tuesday.

  • The 6th and 10th graders had the most parent teacher conference participation so they will be getting sonic drinks on Wednesday, Nov 2nd. We started collecting orders today but need to finish up some on Tuesday.

  • Our GRC pass winners are the family of Blair Ferguson! Congratulations, we will have that pass for you on Tuesday! This was a drawing off all students who had a parent or guardian attend parent teacher conferences. We had a great turnout!

  • The MS Halloween dance is tomorrow, 6-8pm. We hope everyone can come out!

Kristyn Carlock
MS/HS Counselor
Albany School District

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Important Information About Student Academics

Parent/ Teacher Conferences are October 24th from 12-7PM in the gym. Teachers will be at tables and be available to talk about student concerns and celebrate student successes. The class that has the highest rate of attendance to conferences will receive a Sonic Drink party. Parents who attend can also enter to win a free GRC season pass.

We would love for every student to have a parent or guardian come to conferences. For planning purposes, we ask you give us an approximate arrival time. Please take a moment to reserve a time using the link below.

Attendance is an important part of academic success. We require 90% attendance to be eligible but there is an appeals process if something unforeseen were to occur. Letters were sent home today for students who are not eligible because of attendance. For more information on this, please talk to your child's coach or call the office.

The following dates 1st semester. You will be notified if there are concerns. There are tutoring options available. If you have any questions about grades, please contact your child's teacher.

November 4th and 25th

December 9th and 21st

Per our handbook policy, after the 6th tardy, students will serve an after school detention. Please see the disciplinary section of the handbook for more information about our tardy policy.

Important Upcoming Dates

10/29 AMS Halloween Dance

11/11 Veteran's Day Assembly

Don't forget about weekly Friday 7AM Booster Club meetings at Deb's Diner

Albany Middle and High School (AMSHS)

At AMSHS, our students & staff collaborate to set goals, improve learning, and increase school pride by creating a positive school culture. Warrior students take ownership of their futures and become motivated, actively engaged citizens. The students and staff aspire to ensure a safe, secure, and inclusive environment in our community.