Cullman City Schools

The Week in Review - February 8, 2019

Thank You Counselors

This week CCS would like to thank all of our counselors for the wonderful job they do. They serve our students and our teachers in so many ways. Happy School Counseling Week!

Mr. & Miss CHS

Congratulations to Mr. and Miss CHS, Blake Spradlin and Mary Kate Stanford.
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CHS Science of Alabama History is Absolutely Down in Alabama

Students in Coach Morris' Science of Alabama History class have made the podcasts from "Absolutely Alabama with Fred Hunter" and "Down in Alabama with Ike Morgan" a part of their classroom routine. "Absolutely Alabama" has been a staple for two years, but "Down in Alabama" has recently been added. Students are loving it and learning every day.
Coach Morris' Science in Alabama History Class

CMS Appreciates Mrs. Gragg

This week has been National School Counselor Week. This week offers an opportunity to highlight the impact school counselors can have in helping students achieve school success and plan for a career. Thanks to Mrs. Gragg for her work with CMS students.
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Archers Ready

CMS archers are off to a great start. Their two tournaments to date have resulted in outstanding performances. Best of luck to the archers in upcoming events!
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Learning and Sharing About Heroes

These two CCPS students worked together to write a book about African American Heroes. They shared their writing with Mrs. Culpepper and received a BUG Award!
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100 Days for Head Start at CCPS

These students in the Cullman City Head Start program celebrated 100 days of school with a 100th Day Buffet. They built a snack bag with 100 snacks. Counting was fun but eating was better.
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Putting It All Together

Mrs. Darnell's WES 4th grade students have had some excellent discussions on multiplying fractions. They know what a unit fraction is. They also gave excellent explanations of the mathematical reasoning.
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5th Grade students worked together on a STEM assignment this week. They used their ingenuity and ability to work together to create towers with pencils, copy paper, and masking tape.

Around the World

Students in Penny Clark's Gifted Education class at EES recently presented their completed travel projects to family, friends, and students. Students did a wonderful job taking visitors on an interesting journey.
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EES Recognizes Counselor

We are so thankful to have Mrs. Hembree as our School Counselor. Her genuine approach to educating the whole child is evident in all that she does at EES.
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