Technology Tuesday

Weeks of 04/15/13, 04/22/13, & 04/29/13

Techie's of the Week 04/15/13 and 04/22/13

04/15/13 Fowler and Teal Ms. Fowler and Mr. Teal have been working on blending/flipping their classrooms by showing "show me" videos. The videos were created using the "Show Me" app on an iPad, and then uploaded to Symbaloo. These are great reviews for interventions, but also allow the students time to rewind, stop to process, and watch a lesson again, while the teachers work with small groups.

Techie of the Week 04/29

04/29/13 Suellen Hill. Ms. Hill started having her students use Edcanvas so they can demonstrate knowledge of specific TEKS. Students will create a video that goes with their concept, and also take their own pictures to show the concept as well as propose a problem with steps demonstrating their problem solving skills with a particular concept.

Tuesday Tech Tools

sorry I'm so behind on these, please blame my little guy Owen and forgive me...

04/16/13 Flipsnack - this is a great way for students to create presentations, books, newspapers etc, without having to print out a bunch of papers!

04/23/13 Google Lit Trips - free downloadable files that mark the journeys of characters from literature on the surface of Google Earth. This is super cool, check it out!

04/30/13 Create a Graph - online tool to help students create various types of graphs. It even has tutorials on which graph is the best one to choose!

Going Google

Volume 13 - Drag and Drop Labels and Messages, Add Fonts in Google Docs, Create a Table of Contents in a Google Doc

Volume 14 - Set up Priority Inbox, Google Goggles, Video Chat

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Techie of the Week

  • Hill - Using Edcanvas
  • Fowler & Teal - Blended/Flipped Learning videos

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Technology Tool Tuesday Level 1 (trying one of the Tuesday Tech Tools)

  • Hill - Trying out Edcanvas
  • Sladovnik - Trying out Edcanvas

Technology Tool Tuesday Level 2 (teacher has students use a Tuesday Tech Tool)

  • Hill - students are using Edcanvas to demonstrate knowledge of a math concept

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