Hour of Code Review

Reflecting on Coonley's Hour of Code Activities

Hour of Code Activities

Coonley students did a fantastic job last week during the official “Hour of Code”! There were several opportunities to experience Hour of Code and to learn more about coding. Activities included: a resource guide on coding made specifically for Coonley educators, time in the computer lab coding with classmates, field trips to DePaul University for our 4-8 students to participate in coding activities, a field trip to Microsoft’s office for a 7th grade classroom, a visit from Jenna Suarez, Code.org’s Chicago Regional Program Manager, and some extra enthusiasm for coding on Coonley’s Twitter site!

Here are some preliminary comments from teachers:

“Students loved it.”

“They were writing down the url address to continue at home.”

“My class really enjoyed it!”

“LOVE it! Kids thought it was awesome.”

“Awesome! So much fun! Challenging levels sometimes, but an excellent website for kids to use!”

Some student responses:

“It was fun and hard because you had to connect the right code.”

“I have been designing games on paper and now I know that I can design a REAL game on the computer! All you need is your computer, your mind, and your fingers!”

“I liked making my own monster and programming the moves. I liked making the monster move.”

What Students Learned

Teachers had conversations with students about their Hour of Code activities. Here's some samples of what students said they learned:

  • I learned how to code video games
  • I learned that It takes time to finish a game and It is not always easy to make one. You have to concentrate
  • That sometimes you have to be specific. Also that you have to pay attention to what code you do and that you have to know what you are doing.
  • I learned that you have to do the steps in order or else you will fail and also you have to put the boxes connected to each other so it will move through.
  • That coding is fun. Also that it takes time to do coding.
  • I learned that even when I am playing on my DS that’s coding...telling a mechanical device what to do is coding."
  • How to give a computer commands.
  • You have to put the code together like a puzzle.
  • I learned how to move the mouse better. I learned that some games are harder to code.
  • I learned what coding is and about the puzzling. I learned that it is hard and how to program them to do things.
  • I need to observe directions
  • I learned how to type codes and use the code blocks
  • I learned what coding was. I also learned how to make a game.

Our Favorite Hour of Code Websites

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