Anne Frank and The Holocaust

By: Jacob Johnson


Anne Frank was a young girl who died two months before the end of WWII in the Bergen Belsen camp. Her story was depicted found in a diary about her life to her death. To show how good her life was before WWII started. Anne Frank sent just to die because Adolf Hitler hated Jews and for no other reason. Adolf Hitler just wanted world power and for there to be no more Jews.

The Begining

The family of Anne’s father had lived in Frankfurt am Main for generations. Anne’s sister, Margot is three and a half years older than Anne. Otto Frank, Anne’s father can set up a business in Amsterdam and the family finds a nice house on the Merwedeplein. As the threat of this horrifying war in Europe increases a bit, Otto and his family try to emigrate to England and the United States of America but the attempts failed. On the first of September, 1939 the Nazi Germans invaded Poland starting World War Two.

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During the War

On May 10, 1940 German troops invade the Netherlands. Five days later The Netherlands surrenders and is occupied. Anti-Jewish regulations soon follow. The Frank’s attempt to emigrate to the USA and England to not get arrested but their attempts fail. Margot Frank gets a call-up to report for a German work camp. The very next day every member of the Frank family and a couple of other families go into hiding.

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Anne's Diary Kitty

Anne Frank is mainly known for her diary. She may have written in her diary about what she did in her free time or she might have wrote what she did before she went to the concentration camp and only that. She had written “It's really a wonder that I haven't dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” and “Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” in her diary and much more in her diary to Kitty. These quotes resemble how even Adolf Hitler might still have goodness and kindness in his heart and how Anne sees everyone.

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After The War

Anne Frank was a young girl who died a in Bergen Belsen concentration camp two months before the end of WWII. Poor little Anne Frank was captured straight out of the secret annex on August 4, 1944. Someone betrayed the Franks. March 1945 is when Anne Frank died in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, Lohheide, Germany. The disease called Typhus is what ended her sweet loving life. No one knows who betrayed the Franks and got them all captured and sent to the Bergen Belsen concentration camp although it was more than likely the people that helped hide them because they figured they would be spared.

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