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Cyamopsis Tetragonalobus is the botanical name of guar plant. The bean obtained from this plant is rich in nutrients that support for health factor for human beings and animals as well. The seeds of this guar bean are found to have multiple characteristics. Research results on bean extracts have been applied in different industries for variety of processing methods.

Characteristics of Cyamopsis Tetragonalobus

Guar plant is an annual crop and accommodative in growth even in dry regions. Not much fertile soil is required for cultivation as they can grow in sandy soils. Hence, most of the places where drought condition is there, guar plants can grow easily.

Temperature Required for Growing Guar Plants

Dry climate suits best for growing guar plants and places that receives moderate to low rainfall also remains suitable to develop more cultivation. Similarly, places where soil has little dryness and where there is more moisture, productivity of guar will become challenging or impossible.

Earlier Applications

Before the invention of guar seed processing, this plant variety remained one of the best vegetables and hence, people cooked and consumed its beans. This plant was also used as cattle feed in many places where it is cultivated.

Research on Guar Bean Seeds

It is only after the research analysis that guar bean seeds were found to have relatively good endosperm which was then processed into guar gum powder. This extracted product contains excellent amount of galactomannan which contains natural viscosity. it is for this reason that gum powder from bean endosperm of Guar plant was found to receive increasing demand.

Guar Plant Cultivation Increased as Gum Powder Demand Increased

The popularity and chemical properties of endosperm of guar plant is the motivating factor that lead the guar gum processing industries to encourage guar plantation. Similarly, some of the attractive properties of gum powder as a thickening, viscous and water soluble agent have urged many industries to focus on applying gum powder of gomme de guar for variety of industrial processes.

Guar Gum in Petroleum Industry

Apart from food, animal feed, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, guar extracts are identified to play a wonderful role in petro chemical industry. It is applied to minimize the friction caused by fluid that is extracted through oil wells.

India-A Leading Nation in Cultivation of Goma Guar

Guar cultivation can be traced back in the western and north western parts of India. Rajasthan is the leading and ideal location for cultivating guar plants because of its dry climate. This Indian state is found to supply maximum percentage of guar products to worldwide industries.

Guar Gum Extract Varieties

Apart from the gum that is extracted from endosperm of bean seeds, other products are also processed and obtained which includes guar gum splits, guar meal, fast hydration guar gum, etc.

Agro Gums-A Leading Guar Business Company

Agro Gums is a reputed manufacturer of guar gum and cassia powder. Our guar extracts are made from latest technology of granule processing and suits for standard industrial applications.


Guar beans were consumed as a vegetable for its rich nutrients during earlier days. Since, the inception of research results on the characteristics of guar bean endosperm, industrial applications increased.

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