Between the Pages

Back to School 2015

Another New School Year!

I am trying a different approach this year with dispensing information to you about upcoming events and other important stuff that I don't want to send out in a bunch of mass emails. I'm calling it "Between the Pages," a monthly (or maybe more like every 3 weeks) Smore newsletter for our library team.

When these come to you via email, please read over them carefully. We will not use monthly library meeting time to discuss information that can be shared via the newsletter or through e-mail. That's just a waste of everybody's time when we could be learning from each other and growing ourselves as professionals. So please read carefully and save for future reference - maybe in a folder within your email account.

I hope each of you has a fabulous year being the awesome and amazing librarian that you are! Make magic!

Upcoming Events

8/24 - First day of school!

9/7 - Labor Day

9/15 - New Hire meeting - 2:00 @ the Annex; Eric Comstock author visits

9/22-9/30 - Lindsay Cummings author visits

LS2 Updates & Information


  • The override password is 'silver'
  • Press the ESC key to clear the current borrower
  • When logging into Staff and Reports, you must use ads\ in front of your network username. PAC login does not require ads\ - it's just the username
  • Aide have their own login credentials for LS2 Staff but a generic login for Reports
  • Self-checkout stations are UN: self_check, PW: silver

Stats Only

In our training last week, Tom talked about something called Stats Only which allows you a way to keep track of various tasks you perform in your library. For example, you could keep a door count or track the number of times you collaborate with a teacher. We have added the following categories for you to be able to track should you wish to do so. If there is a specific task you would like to track that is not listed below, please let me know and I'll add it for you.

  • Booktalks/Reader's Advisory
  • Collaborative Planning Sessions
  • Door count
  • Research/Information Literacy Lessons

For directions on how to use the Stats Only feature in LS2, see the LS2 Staff training manual located on the Hub site.

Online Training Campus

Click HERE for handouts (click sheets) and videos for all our LS2 products.

Username: 215018

Password: 75033

eFinance Reminder - Notes vs. Comments

As a reminder, when creating a requisition in eFinance there are some strict guidelines when completing the Comments field.

The only 3 terms acceptable in the Comments field are:

  1. Blanket PO
  2. See Attached
  3. Pick Up Check

All other comments must be put in the Notes field. Acceptable terms for the Notes field are:

  1. Librarian will order online
  2. Attached title list
  3. S&H or No S&H
  4. Do not fax
  5. The delivery date
  6. Contact information
  7. The quote #

One Last Reminder...

If you haven't already, please make sure you have taken care of the items listed below.

  1. Update your 4th grade numbers in the Storytelling Festival spreadsheet (elem only).
  2. Sign up for an author visit - all sign up sheets (including dates and requirements) are on the Hub site. Also, let me know if you'd like to be added to the list of schools interested in the following author visits: Stuart Gibbs, Kenneth Oppel, Don & Audrey Wood.
  3. Sign up for TLA or TCEA here if it's your year to attend. If you're going to TCEA I need to know by the end of next week. Registration is already open!
  4. Check to make sure your contact info is correct and provide phone extensions for both your circ desk and office.
  5. Insert the TexQuest logo on your website somewhere. Click here for the logo.

Professional Learning Opportunities

Digital Fluency Academy

The Digital Fluency Initiative is designed to develop and enhance the capacity of the participants to teach and learn effectively in a digital world. It is offered in a blended format and consists of student-centered learning activities highlighting the following topics:

• Digital Age Learning

• Research & Information Fluency

• Digital Citizenship

• Communication & Collaboration

• Creativity & Innovation

• Technology Integration

• Building a PLN

The academy consists of four days face-to-face with a complementary online component. 30 hours of professional development credit will be awarded to participants who complete all requirements.

The face-to-face classes will be held here in Frisco at the Annex in room 220. Click HERE to register and for more information.

Explora Online Training

We are pleased to announce that the Educator’s Edition of Explora™ is now available on your account. Designed to highlight content relevant to librarians, teachers and administrators, the Explora Educator’s Edition searches Professional Development Collection, ERIC, and any other educator databases included in your EBSCO subscription. The Explora Educator’s Edition includes the following resources:

  • Lesson plans
  • Student success tools including research and citation help
  • A link to EBSCO’s Curriculum Standards Module which helps teachers in the U.S. and Canada correlate EBSCO content quickly and easily to Common Core, state or provincial curriculum standards
  • Links to valuable websites for teachers

The Explora Educator’s Edition is accessible via a “For Teachers” link in the top toolbar of the Explora student edition. To learn more, register for an upcoming Explora training session.

Date: Thursday, August 27, 2015
Time: 3 p.m. EDT (New York, GMT-04:00)
To Register: Click Here

Google Summit

Join your colleagues for interactive and engaging Google Apps sessions presented by Google Certified Teachers and Trainers, School Administrators, Migration Specialists and Classroom Teachers. Learn the basics of Google Apps for education, as well as advanced tips and tricks to help navigate your classroom into a 21st century learning experience. Leave with ideas for immediate implementation, lesson examples and new skills that will set your school above the rest.

Click here for more information.