Staff Update

9 March 2014

CPD Days

Thank you again to our wonderful presenters (Joe, Peter, Bec, Sam, Donna, Leanne, Andy, Evonne, Kirsten, Tracey, Matt, Lyn, Brian, Catriona and Heather) who helped make Friday and Saturday so successful, as well as those staff who shared personal stories in the actual sessions.

My appreciation also to all staff for your engagement with the workshops. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive and includes some pointers for future CPD days, in particular with the timing of the year. We will get the feedback out to everyone once it is completed.

If you have not yet done so, please take a moment to complete the individual workshop questions as well as the overall survey (by clicking the link below).


CLT will be absent from Thursday in order to attend the ASCD Conference at the end of this week. We are also taking the opportunity to visit four schools to look at personalised learning. Please contact the following people while we are away for assistance if you need it: Donna Ellery (Primary), Adrian Gan (Secondary) and Clement Tam (Support Staff).

There will be no morning briefing this Friday 14 March or following week (21 March).

New staff arriving

Over the next month we will be approaching some of you to see if you are happy to act as a buddy to one of the new teachers arriving at the end of July.

In the meantime, we have some of our new staff starting to look in apartment options. If you are leaving your current apartment this summer and think it may be suitable for one of the new teachers, could you please email me so I can pass that information on. This has worked successfully in the past, including where the new teacher has also purchased the furniture.

This Week

Monday-Friday: Maths Week (World Maths Day on Wednesday)
Tuesday: March Birthday Morning Tea
Tuesday-Wednesday: House Debating (Tuesday lunch-Primary/Wednesday lunch-Secondary)
Wednesday: MYP Music Exhibition - 6.30pm (DC Theatre)
Friday: Primary Athletics Day (Kwai Chung)