Street Through Time

By Karen

The Stone Age-10,000 B.C.

They hunted and gathered fish for food. The fish are sometimes dried over a fire. Meat is also dried. The canoes are hollowed out logs that men carved to have a bench in the middle. Houses were made from animal skins, twigs and sticks or branches and sometimes leaves. The houses were made with a door flap and a hole in the top for smoke to come out when there’s a fire. The baskets were woven by women with strong and bendable twigs and stiff grass. Clothes were like loose fitting robes or dresses. The chief wore a dress with stars sewn on from colored animal skins.

The Iron Age-600 B.C.

The houses were made then were added onto and it was there for an entryway and to make the house look bigger. Men still made boats/canoes but they were oval and had a seat straight through the middle. More people lived in the village than before. There was a tall wall around the village with points at the top so people couldn’t get in without getting hurt. Ancient stone circle and barrow from the First Farmers. There was a hut made just for food. The clothes people wore were shirts, pants and boots. Women figured out how to weave patterns into clothes. Hung wet clothes on clothesline to dry them.The priest was the one that was in charge of the village. Warriors were the next important in the village because they saved to village from danger. Next were the blacksmiths. They made the tools/materials. In the fields, bulls or cows plow for the farmers. There was pottery and people had prisoners/slaves. Some people did tattooing.

The Invaders-A.D. 600

The chief has the biggest hut. There are old Roman ruins such as pillars and a roman fort. Pigs are roaming around and there is a stick fence to keep the sheep and pigs in. There is no more farming and have fish traps instead. Carpenters, Blacksmiths and Slave women are all doing something. Beggars are walking around the small village. They are drying meat from a fire. Some men found a strange shield in the river. The ancient barrow and stone circle are still there, but they’re covered in grass.