High School Weekly Update

From Co-Principals Ruby Bode & Chuck Scott

February 26, 2021

Dear EPHS Family,

This week our district's 5th grade students will speak with astronaut Shannon Walker who is stationed on the International Space Station. Our amazing 5th grade teachers at Estes Park Elementary School have partnered with the Estes Valley Amateur Radio Club, Estes Park Memorial Observatory, and retired astronaut Loren Shriver to bring this experience to our 5th grade students. These future high school students are extending the boundaries of communication into space and you can watch it HERE!

One of our Global Outcomes at EPSD is Communication. What this means to us at EPHS is that we thoughtfully process and express ideas in multiple ways. You can't be an effective communicator with out being an active listener. Listening is a vital part of being a good communicator. Check out some tips at positivepsychology.com to keep growing your listening skills.

We applaud our student body because lately we have been impressed with the way our students listen to each other, express themselves, and advocate for themselves and others. Our goal is that every graduate at EPHS is a skilled communicator so they can be college, career, and life ready. Thank you all for listening to us, and we want to listen to you too!


Ruby Bode & Chuck Scott

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Wait! Wait! Don't Leave at 2:00, Stay with us!

The buses come at 2:00 in conjunction with the elementary and middle school, but high school teachers stay until 3:20 to tutor students. Get the extra help you need to be successful during this flex time.

If students are receiving low grades in any of their classes, we will send text notifications home to parents to make sure you are aware. Students who are receiving low grades are required to stay during flex time to get tutoring from teachers. We do have a late bus that will deliver student within the town boundaries. If students can't stay due to transportation reasons, we understand.

Since class periods are currently shortened, teachers are assigning homework to be completed during the 2:00-3:20 flex time. When students get home, they are expected to continue learning on their own during this time.

NWEA Map Testing March 1-12

Between March 1-12 freshman and sophomore students will be taking the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress assessment. This is a Nationally normed assessment that measures students progress to core standards. The is a district-wide assessment for student in grades 3-10 in the areas of Reading, Math, and Science. Students are provided a growth report to show them how they are progressing every time they take the assessment. Students also are able to find out how they are performing compared to the National norm.

School-Wide Effort

We just want to take a moment to remind all students that you must stay in your assigned area for lunch. We know this is hard and you want to mingle with friends in other cohorts. We understand, but we need a school-wide effort to remain in your assigned cohorts to limit the number of people we are interacting with during the day. This is important in order to support our virus mitigation efforts. For most students your lunch assignment 3rd hour class. If not, it is another area you have been assigned by a staff member. Thank you for your cooperation with this!

Athletics & Activities News

Season B is coming to an end next week and Season C of athletics will start next week. Football begins practice on March 4. Girls volleyball and boys soccer begins on March 8. If you haven't signed up and still want to, contact Chuck Scott.

Charles_scott@psdr3.k12.co.us or call 970-586-5321x.3301

If you missed past newsletters or want to look back on past newsletters you can find them on our school webpage under Programs & Services > EPHS Parent Connections.

Contact Your Principals

If you have questions, please ask. Contact your principals.

Chuck Scott, chuck_scott@psdr3.k12.co.us, 970-586-5321 x.3301

Ruby Bode, ruby_bode@psdr3.k12.co.us, 970-586-5321 x.3302

Habla EspaƱol?

Rodrigo Santana, Enlace Cultural de la escuela


970-586-5321, x.3353