Pioneer Day at Silver Dollar CIty



This is a flyer about my Pioneer trip to Silver Dollar City. I went to the Oak Trail school house, the Blacksmith and the Weaving studio. We learned many things during our trip.

Oak Trail School House

First, I went to the one-room school house. The grades were k-8. Ms. Sharon told us what utensils they had and what technology they were limited to, which was none. A lot of the kids in 8th grade were not able to read and some children had to walk more than 5 miles.
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The next place I went to was the blacksmith. The Blacksmith uses metals like steel and iron. When we were there, he was making grill legs. There was a shop next to it were you can buy the things he made. It was very interesting.
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Weaving Studio

The last place I went to was the weaving studio. We felt camel hair and silk. We compared their softness. The silk was a lot softer than the camel hair. The weaving studio had a lot of clothing to buy, but mostly hats and blankets.
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Try to go to Pioneer Day. You will have lots of fun learning about the school house, the blacksmith, and the weaving studio.