The Dangers Of Computer Malware

And What to Do About It

Malware Dangers

"What is a Malware," you might ask, well a Malware is a general term for any malicious software that is put there by anyone who just want to rip people off, or just want to troll. There are three different ways that your computer can get Malware, and three ways to protect you and your computer from them.

Viruses- This is just a little program that will copy itself from one computer to another, sot that means there must be some sort of contact to spread, this can be done over the internet. A virus can do practically whatever the programmer wants it to do, often it will delete some system files so the computer won't function properly.

Trojan Horse- This is generally something that looks legit, but is actually allowing some other random person access you computer. So when you are downloading a show you wanted to watch, a picture, or a game, but is also bringing along something else, so the programmer can access and do what ever they want to your computer, not cool, I know.

Spyware- a secret program on your computer that is secretively obtaining personal information from your computer. Now this could be just for marketing purposes to see what websites you've been on and what kind of ads or links it should send you, but it could also be used to get your bank account information, or passwords, so the programmer can steal you identity later on.

"Now what to Do About It"- There are three simple ways that you can protect your computer from Malware, such as "AntiVirus Software," "Firewalls," and of course, "Common Sense."

AntiVirus Software- Now it's important that you find one that you like and that you let it run all the time, and it needs to update itself everyday and it will do this automatically. Now some of the big ones that come pre-installed on computers are kind of bloating, because they end up slowing your computer down, so people eventually just turn the software off, but DON'T do this, just simply get a better ones such as Avira, McAfee, or Trend Micro.

Firewall- a Firewall is pretty useful because when ever a program wants to connect to the internet, the Firewall will alert you and ask you if you want to allow this, so in case there's a random program that you don't know about you can prevent it from accessing your computer.

Common Sense- Of course right, you just shouldn't click on the "links," don't download the attachment from emails, these are just examples of the Trojan Horses that they use.