Candy Land

you should really Visit us


Candy Land is a fun filled Land With Gummy bears, licorice, and M and M's. Now don't be fooled by the Candy In the world but don't worry everything there is edible except for the people. But the World has SO much History. Like they used to have a Queen named Queen Lina the 3rd!


Dear Operator,

I visited Candy Land a few Weeks ago and I just wanted to say I think if I was given the chance to go anywhere right now I'd go to Candy Land

Sincerely, Maddie


Candy Land is Located 5 Light Years Away from Neptune. My house is Located on 567th street right next to the toy factory it is about 30 feet away from it. If you decide to come and visit My door is ALWAYS open.

Candy Land Introduction

Friday, Dec. 5th, 10:45am-5:45pm

Root Beer Lake

Please bring a Napkin, Pencil, and Your appetite!


We are very high on are tech so if you come we will always have free WIFI and electronics.


If you need coupons because you like cutting them out then I would check out the other page of the brochure!