Capulet the Killer

The Unholy Capulet Story of Romeo and Juliet

Who is responsible

Capulet is responsible for the death of Romeo and Juliet. Capulet forced Juliet to get to Paris and he was inconsiderate of Juliet's feelings. He forced a marriage onto Juliet, saying "But fettle your fine joints ' gainst Thursday next, to go with Paris to Saint Peter's church, or I will drag thee on a hurdle thither" (3.4.153-155). Because he thought Juliet needed happiness to solve the death of Tybalt, he assumed she would approve. However, she did not agree to the marriage forcing him to use force in order for her to do what he wanted. Capulet even used unkind words to Juliet: " Out, you green-sickness carrion! out, you baggage! you tallow-face" (3.4.167-178). When Juliet listens to her father say those hateful things she takes action in regard to "killing herself". Capulet is to blame because if he did not go forward into planning a marriage Juliet would not have went to the priest and fake her death and Romeo would not she her as presumed dead. since he saw her dead he killed him self. Then Juliet woke up and saw Romeo dead and she then killed herself.

Wrong Side of Heaven by Five Finger Death Punch

Arms wide open
I stand alone
I'm no hero and I'm not made of stone
Right or wrong
I can hardly tell
I'm on the wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell
The wrong side of heaven and the righteous side,
The righteous side of hell

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When Five finger Death Punch says "I stand alone...", this shows Romeo and Juliet are alone in there decision to stay together in their relationship. They can not marry because one is a Montague and the other is a Capulet and they are enemies hence they are alone in their quest for marriage. Five finger Death punch also says " i'm not made of stone Right or wrong i can hardly tell..." Romeo and Juliet's passion for loving each other is as hard as stone. It could not break. Their feelings for each other was so passionate they did not know what they were doing was wrong.


A lady Ianite is a goddess and her most loyal man is Captiansparklez. When her most loyal man went to the world he ended up in a castle, but the king did not allow him to believe in Ianite. The king made him believe in Mianite. Captiansparklez did not like this and he worshiped her in secret: "Farmer Steve for your treason against Mianite you are banished" Because of farmer Steve getting banished for not believing in Mianite he knows not to tell anyone he is a faithful Ianite just like farmer Steve. How this relates to Romeo and Juliet is even though Romeo was loyal to Montague, but he still marred Juliet in secret. Romeo was forbidden to marry Juliet. Also Romeo was banned from is city just like farmer Steve.