Leaving the Past Behind

Jordan Barrett

From My Memoir

About four years ago, my brother Jesse, my dad, and I, were living in Las Vegas in a gated apartment complex. While watching television I heard a loud noise coming from the front door of our apartment. I got up and checked the window. There was a man about 20 feet away, running for his life. Something seemed little off about the entire situation. Looking at the neighbor’s front door I saw a huge crack in the middle, as if someone had pounded it with an axe. I then started to understand what was going on.

My Adversary

Terrified that he may return, I ran to my dad’s room and told him what happened. After minutes of panic and confusion, a police officer came to the door. He informed us that a burglar was trying to break into our next door neighbor’s apartment, but as soon the crook noticed someone calling the police, he stopped what he was doing and ran for it.

What I Accomplished...

After hours of work and tears shed, I was now lifting the last box of belongings onto the dolly. I finally felt at peace with my past. When the moving truck was fully loaded, we then left. I glanced out the window of the truck, looking back at everything. I was finally away from Las Vegas and I was okay with that.