Potowatomi tribe

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What food did the potowatomi eat, and where did they get there food?

The potowatomi planted most of their food such as beans, peas, squash and corn. Some of the food they made with their crops were pudding, fene and soup. They gathered nuts,meat,berries and wild rice. Most of the Potowatomi food came from rice plants and animals. They harvested the rice by hitting the plant with a stick or something long. If the rice fell in the water, it was left there to grow for the next season.

What clothing did the Potowatomi wear?

The potowatomi got their clothing from hunting. They would hunt for food and when they killed buffalo or deer, they would skin the animals and use the fur to make clothes. When they removed the meat off the hide they hung the hide to dry. They also wore moccasins which are leather shoes. The men wore a leather headband with one or two feathers sticking out the back. Some of them wore a porcupine roach that made their Mohawk standout more.

What kinds of homes did the potowatomi live in, and what did the potowatomi use to make their homes?

The Potawatomi lived in either long houses or wigwams. Long houses were made for the summer since one end of the house was completely open. They were longer than normal houses so several families could live together. They cooked in fireplaces and were made with poles cut from trees. The walls were made with grass and kept the rain out. Wigwams were made for the winter and were smaller than a long house. Since they were smaller people kept warmer. Wigwams were made out of grass for the roof and walls and fur for carpet.

What responsibilities did the potowatomi have?

The men had most of the hunting responsibilities like fishing and hunting but they would have to be trained to be a good hunter. If they weren't a good hunter, they could spoil the hunt and not get any food. The women had to take care of the town while the men went hunting. They had to take care of the children, plant crops and sew clothes.

What were the potowatomi's tradition.

The potowatomi had a tradition that they danced to the animal they wanted to be. They thought if they hung around with the animal they would become the animal. They would celebrate, have a feast and play games.

What are the potowatomi doing today and where do they live today?

Today the potowatomi are raising a lot of money today with their health centers and casinos. Some of the money they earn they use to get a house or get food for their everyday lives. Most of the Potawatomi live in the Midwest (mostly Michigan) and parts of Canada.

What were some positive and negative things that the Indians had with Europe?

The Europeans would trade a lot with the native Jean Nicolet. He brought a gun which the Natives called a thunder stick. The Natives and the Europeans argued over land. The Europeans pushed the Natives westward which was hard for them because some of the things they needed were not available in the new land.

Some interesting things about the Potawatomi.

  • The casinos made so much money the Potawatomi would build more casinos and earn double the money!
  • Potawatomi means "fire keepers".
  • During the Beaver War, the Potawatomi fled to the Green Bay Area for safety from other fighting tribes.
  • The forced removal of the Potawatomi by the US government was call the Trail of Death. They were forced from Michigan to Kansas.