By: Dylan McBrayer

Physical Properties

Atomic Mass is 20.1791 amu

Atomic radius in angstroms is 2.08 angstroms

Density is 0.9002 g/L

Melting Point is -248.6 Celsius

Boiling Point is -246.1 Celsius

Appearance is colorless and a odorless gas

Other physical properties is helium

Conductivity is thermal 10.05 W

Chemical properties

It is not Flammable

it is very low to the reactivity

Atomic Structure

Atomic Number is 10

Mass Number 20.18

Proton is 10

neutrons is 10

electrons is 10

location is row 18

number 10 and group is noble gas.

History and discovery

element discover in 1898

Where was it discover was in London

person who discover it was William Ramsay and Morris Traver.

One new element could hide from other element.

Element Applications and Uses

where it was most often Earth atmosphere

Isotope is Ne 22 or Ne 20

Compounds is Ne+,(NeAr), (Neh)+, and (heNe+)

Fun Fact


interesting fact was 0.0018% of earth atmosphere.