Is Bullying A Problem?

Matthews p8

in the classroom tears building and about to explode like volcanic eruption tears flowing like a tropical storm.bullies lauphing at you no one to!Do you know why there doing this?Well the reason is they might come from a bad famlys.Wich means the yell the child might fell traped and they need to relese it.Another reason is soacal issuse like they do not know how to speek right.Also im not tring to afend you but giving them power.And finally caulteral so they well make fun of the minority.

it is really hard to see your best friends go because of bullyes.its really hard to see that it will get so bad that they end up hurting them selves. Because of a bullies. It is very depressing go because they are making there day bad. So what can we do to help them.

you can learn about the issue. Ask a teacher you trust or friends and pararants can all be a great way to help. But that might be alwasys be the case to solve a problem. Another reasons is to walk and talk BUT not by your self. Have a teacher or friend with you! another way is to have important figures talk agansted bullies like nba stars mlb nfl stars

if you read this atical there are many sides of bulling so the more you know! the faster we can sop bulling altogether


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