First Days of School and Week Ahead



Thank you so much for coming this week to pick up your student’s Chromebook and E-Learning supplies. We are excited to get started on this new learning adventure with you and your child. E-Learning officially starts on Monday, September 14th.

This serves as general information related to our Flexible E-Learning.


Flexible E-Learning is an educational model that combines traditional classroom instruction and E-Learning. Students will participate in E-Learning Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Wednesdays, students will participate in Independent E-Learning activities. Our primary focus this year will be English Language Arts (ELA), Math, and Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Science and Social Studies activities will be supplemental and approached through reading, writing, and Wednesday’s enrichment activities. Our Encore teachers will also be providing lessons and activities for students, based on our in-school 6 day rotation.


Our E-Learning students will be provided a variety of instructional opportunities and activities, which will include the following:

Synchronous Instruction – classroom teacher will live-stream instruction from the classroom. As the year starts, synchronous instruction may include a read aloud or a social emotional learning lesson. Some Encore classes may also be synchronous.

Asynchronous Instruction – classroom teachers may record lessons and provide links to the recordings. Lessons may also be taught from outside sources (ie: Brainpop).

Online Learning Activities – classroom teachers may provide links to online learning activities to supplement instruction and provide meaningful practice (ie: Reflex, Epic, Schoology work time).

Hands-On Learning Activities – classroom teachers may provide non-virtual activities to support learning, enrichment, and application. Activities may include worksheets, experiments, art activities, etc.


Students at different grade levels have different developmental and learning needs. In order to accommodate our students’ needs, the amount of educational activities and instruction will vary by grade. These are broken out in the chart below. Please note – these times are a guideline and will not be exact. Learning activities on Wednesdays will not follow this model.


In the face to face classroom, the first few weeks of school will be focused on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and supporting our students as they transition back into the classroom. This means that our E-Learning students will be working on some SEL activities as well. In addition, teachers may be providing some review type activities for learning targets that would have been taught in previous grades. During these weeks, instruction and activities will likely not line up with the chart above. Please have patience and grace as we transition into a very new model of learning and instruction, both for our students and our teachers.


Your child is enrolled in a homeroom at Madison Elementary, however, the whole grade level team will be working together to support and provide E-Learning opportunities.

If you reach out to your child's teacher for information or help, he/she will respond to you as soon as he/she is able. Please remember that our teachers are also instructing students face to face within their classroom and have duties from 8-4 each day.


Each week, your child’s grade level team will provide a schedule for E-Learning. This schedule may include times when synchronous (live) instruction will be provided. If your child is unable to log on during synchronous instruction, a recording of the session may be made available.


Teachers may be providing paper and pencil materials to supplement student learning. There will also be times when teachers provide assignments that may need to be physically turned in. Each week, your child's teacher will let you know if there are materials to be picked up, or, if there is something physical to turn in.

Weekly Material Pick Up and Assignment Drop Off

Wednesdays: 12:00pm-4:00pm

When you come to pick up or drop off items, please enter the atrium at door 1. Please do not enter the main office area. Materials will be in labeled boxes.


Flexible E-Learning is just like face to face school. Students are expected to access their classes and complete activities daily. If your child is not participating or completing work, this will be considered an attendance issue. Please communicate with your child’s teacher if you are struggling to complete assigned work.