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The City on the Rise


As mayor of Rocky Mount, I have come to realize that our city have many extraordinary sight-seeing places and not enough extraordinary businesses. So I am calling out ALL businesses in the surrounding areas to come join the Rocky Mount community!
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1. We have cheap land

2. Hard working and eager to learn workers

3. I-95 North and South and 64 East and West cross our land

4. Plenty of farm land

5. Also plenty of animals

6. Train and bus station

7. Cost of living is cheaper

8. Tar River

9. Lastly, we have a reservoir

Contact information

If any of the surrounding areas are interested in becoming a family member to our community please contact the following:

Mayor Samariyah Davis: (252) 555-0906

Secretary Hana Al-kobi: (252) 555-0506-2