Monarch Stripped

Queen's Forced Dilemma Holds the Faith of Hawaii


The fall of the Hawaiian Monarchy on the 17th of January in 1893 was due to the actions of President Mckinley, President Cleveland, Minister John L. Stevens.

Historical Significance

The overthrow and annexation of Hawaii wouldn't have been possible to do without the roles of President William Mckinley, President Grover Cleveland, and Minister John L. Stevens. All three of these U.S. Government figures had some impact on the overthrow or the annexation of Hawaii. The annexation of Hawaii is an important event in our history because it shows how and why Hawaii was taken in to the nation. It was taken illegally and unlawfully. Annexation was also done for mostly military purposes as well. The knowledge of the overthrow is important to have because not everyone really knows how it really happened.

Is Hawaii Legally and Lawfully a State of the Union?

No, because it was done by an act of war, as it was said by President Grover Cleveland; but he couldn't do anything because he didn't want to shoot any other Americans. There is also said to be a treaty that established the annexation of Hawaii, but when really there isn't a legal treaty that allowed the annexation of Hawaii.

Supplemental Information

The pictures below show the significant event of the overthrow and annexation of Hawaii. The event shown below are pictures of the gathering in front of the Iolani Palace and the overthrowing of the Hawaiian Monarch, and even the Hawaiian Flag was taken down, cut into pieces and given to the people as memorial souvenirs.