Edgewood's Tiger Talk

February 2016

Mrs. Boyd's Update

With the cold weather, we've had an increase in people driving to pick up and drop off their children. As we know, Edgewood wasn’t designed to support the amount of traffic we get at arrival and dismissal. Given our limited space, we work to keep things moving as quickly as possible. Please keep the following in mind so that everyone can get to school as safely and quickly as possible:


  • If you are in the driveway in the morning, please have kids get out of the cars promptly at 8:30 so that more people can pull into the driveway.
  • When dropping off, please pull down as far as possible. Do not stop in front of the doors. This makes the line move more slowly and creates a back up on Layton Avenue.
  • Have your child’s items ready to go, so that when you stop in the driveway, they can hop out and be on their way.


  • If you are parking to walk in and pick up your child, please park on 47th street. Please do not park on the west side of Layton, as this is designated for the driving pick-up lane.
  • Do not park in the handicap spots if you do not have a handicap sticker or temporary wheel-chair need.
  • If you are driving through pick-up, wait for all 4 buses to pull in or for the crossing guard to wave you forward.
  • Remember, there is no right turn on red onto 47th from Layton.
  • I heavily suggest that you do not turn left onto 47th from Layton, as traffic back-up often gets people stuck in the middle of the intersection. If you’re coming west on Layton, do a U-turn at 48th St.

Please share this information with grandparents or others that share drop off and pick up duties. We appreciate your support as we work to be as safe and efficient as possible.

Extra Clothes

'Tis the season of puddles. In addition to snow-pants, it's a good idea to send a spare set of clothes (pants, shirt, socks) with your child to keep in their backpack in the event they get wet at recess.

Upcoming Dates

2/4--EHSA Spaghetti Dinner, 5-7pm

2/9--EHSA Meeting, 6-7pm

2/12--EHSA Date Night, 5:30-8:30pm

2/16--Author Dean Robbins visits our 1st and 2nd graders

2/19--No School for Students

3/8--EHSA Meeting, 6-7pm

3/10--Author of popular I Survived series speaks at the Greenfield Public Library, 6:30pm

3/16--Early Release for Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences (invitation/request only)

3/18--EHSA St. Patty's Day Dance

3/24--Edgewood Night at Chipotle (we get 50% of profits!)

3/25-4/1--Spring Break