Double Line Drop off and Pick up

If you use car drop off and pick up, please read.

Drop Off

I have been hearing about some confusion during morning car drop off. Having cars make two lanes was something put in place last year to help keep cars off of Woodside Road.

This is something we are continuing and is even more important as the weather gets colder and more families choose driving over walking.

In the Mornings we ask that you use both lanes and merge where it turns to one lane past the play structure. With everyone's support and patience this is a quick and effective way to keep cars off of Woodside Road and expedite drop off.

Pick Up

We often run two lanes at pick up but this runs differently in the afternoon than in the morning. Since we take names to line up students, we will fill the right lane all the way up first. If there is overflow we will close the right lane and then fill the left lane. We will empty the entire right lane and then have the left lane follow. This pattern and line makes sure all students efficiently get into the correct car so we can keep the line moving. This is not necessary for the morning.

We know everyone is in a rush in the mornings and afternoons. With grace, patience and consistency this process runs so much smoother and we all start and end the day on the right note.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions.

Sara Harvey & David Gaita