Selection and uses of software

I'm looking at appropiate software for solving problems

Types of software

There are two types of software that a computer uses:

-System software

-Application software

Application software is software that allows the computer to be applied to fix or over come a certain problem. The application software will not usually be applied to the management of the computer, such as dealing with input or output, time spent processing jobs and computer memory. Application software is used for a particular job, such as gaming, creating graphic, building a website or writing a letter.

System software is a set of programs that take control of the hardware that is attached to the computer, this helps the application software to be useful and do its job, if the system software was not on the computer the application software would not be able to do its job.

Operating Systems

An operating system is the peice of software that helps the user connect with the hardware of the computer easily, it also allows the user to access the application software so the computer can carry out other tasks such as games or word processing. It is possible to make the computer do what the user wants without the operating system but it will often take hours of coding to achieve one simple action.

There are the main types of operating system:

Windows - This is made by Microsoft. Microsoft dominate the operating system market, they have done ever since the release of Windows 3.0. They still create operating systems to this day and are also a big part in helping Apple develop their own operating systems.

Mac OS - There are many versions of the operating system from apple, however this operating is different from Windows because Mac OS will only run on an Apple computer, where as Windows will run on mostly any computer (Advent, HP, Compaq and even Apple computers!)

Linux - This is an open source operating system, it is free to download, install and use. It is created by many people and is constantly being developed by lots of people around the world. Linux is quickly catching up to the standard Windows and Mac have set for the operating system market and i think that soon many more people will be using Linux (providing the operating system has the capability to run things such as Microsoft office, Abobe suite, Video games etc.)

Google Chrome OS - This is a fairly new operating system to the market. It is used on googles own chrome books. The chrome books are a cloud based system, this means that all the documents and programs are not on the computer but on a harddrive/ storage device in the sky somewhere, this cloud is accessable when the computer is connected to a WIFI or 3G network. This is a clever way or storing media because if the chrome book gets lost or stolen then the user hasnt lost all his/her data because it was never stored on the chrome book. The Chrome OS can still be used when the chrome book is not connected to the internet, "using the Chrome OS offline is almost as good as using it online" - JR Raphael ,