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Term 3, Week 4

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Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to our Week 4 newsletter. There are so many wonderful things happening in our school to ensure that high expectations, explicit teaching, data informed practices and a strong focus on wellbeing are at the core of our practices.


Our students and teachers showcased our wonderful school so well last week. We hope you enjoyed seeing our amazing STEM videos on Seesaw and facebook. One of our focus areas this year is to develop our use of technology. We have set up a wonderful STEM room and purchased additional technology for all classrooms. With BYOD in Stage 3 our students are certainly becoming equipped to use technology in their learning and prepare for a technological future.


Our students are so proud to show me when they are being safe and respectful learners. We truely enjoy our morning greetings and afternoon chats at each gate. Our goal at Prestons Public School is to ensure that every child is known, valued and cared for and these daily routines are certainly helping with this. Our lunch and recess initiatives ensure that our students are actively engaged in fun activities that are supported by caring adults at break times. We love our Prestons Garden, bushland, oval games, basketball court, skipping area, quiet sitting area, PALS playground, sandpit, our cubby house which has recently been turned into a McDonalds store, lego in the library, reading in the library, our new dolls house in the library, building with our large building blocks as well as handball courts.

Have a wonderful week and don't forget to ask your child what they are learning and to check out Seesaw.

Liz Van Der Meulen


Dates to Remember

2/9/2020 - School Photos

17--22/9/2020 - Book Fair

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School Photos - Wednesday 2nd September

Say Cheese - MSP Photography

Instruction on how to order will be sent home to students shortly.

School Photo Day will be held Wednesday 2nd September, 2020.

All payments are to be made online. No cheques or cash will be accepted.

Parents can order online through website. All credit cards are accepted:

Orders will be accepted until: Wednesday 2nd September, 2020.

Orders received after 2nd September will incur an archive fee of $20.00

Photo Packages range from $28.00 to $50.00.

Blank family envelopes will be available from office.


Due to current health concerns it would be preferred that payments be made by Eftpos. However,we understand that this is not always possible.

Student Absent Notes

Parents are requested to notify the school of their child's absence on the first day they return to school after their absence.

Notification can be made by sending a signed note to the office, medical certificate, submitting a notification via the Skoolbag App or by telephoning the office.

Absent notification via seesaw will not be accepted.

Stage 3 Child Protection Lessons

As part of the Personal Development/Health/Physical Education curriculum all children will participate in child protection lessons. These lessons will help children to identify dangerous or uncomfortable situations and to seek help from trustworthy adults. Some lessons may involve the naming of parts of the body. The child protection lessons have been developed by the Department of Education and they are an important priority for schools.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact your classroom teacher.

Saturday School of Community Languages - Enrolment Applications

Applications are now open for students who wish to enrol in their background language. Saturday School of Community Languages (SSCL) is a NSW Department of Education co-educational secondary school. SSCL operates in centres located at 14 high school sites - 12 located in metropolitan Sydney and one each in Wollongong and Newcastle.

There are no fees charged for enrolment. All applications must be made through the student's own school Principal and meet certain enrolment criteria established by the NSW Department of Education.

Applications should be submitted by 11 December 2020 to ensure students can begin course work at the commencement of the 2021 school year.

For an application form and how to enrol visit our School website.

For enrolment enquiries please contact the SSCL head office on 7814 2115 or email us at

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Meet our wonderful Kindergarten Teachers

Kindergarten 2021

We are now accepting enrolments for Kindergarten 2021.

Children who turn 5 by the 31st July 2021 are eligible to enrol for Kindergarten 2021.

Enrolment forms can be collected from the administration office.

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Lost Property

To assist in the return of your childs belongings, if they are misplaced, please ensure all items,jumpers, hats and lunch boxes are labelled with your childs name.

Kinder to Year 2

To assist in the event of toileting accidents and spills, it would be appreciated if parents could keep a change of clothing, including socks and underwear, in their child`s bag. This will help to ensure your child is changed quickly as spare clothing is not always available from the office.

PBL Focus Wearing School Uniform

Our PBL focus for the fortnight was “WEAR SCHOOL UNIFORM’. Thank you to all the students who proudly wore their uniform to become recipients of the PBL tokens during weeks 1 and 2. We congratulate the award winners who received a Star Award.

Kindergarten Ivy Blair

Year 1 Jevon Androth

Year 2 Christina Benjamin

Year 4 Naeema Mottey

Year 5 Lachlan Murphy

Year 6 Keidsha Ahmed

Classroom Chat with 1 Flamingos

Flying into Flamingos!

What a fabulous start to the term! We started our term observing a chrysalis until it turned into a butterfly. Once the butterfly emerged we observed it’s appearance and documented it in our writing.

We enjoyed working as a team to complete our ‘Operation Egg Drop’ STEM challenge and designed some fantastic creations to protect the egg when falling!

This term we are experimenting with Loose Parts. Here we selected a range of parts to create a habitat fit for a butterfly and used our creation to form ideas when writing information about butterflies.

One of our favourite parts of our school day is Read to Someone during Daily 5. It is a time when we have the opportunity to use our reading strategies to read stories to a friend and put our reading knowledge to the test by coaching our friend as they read.

We are so excited to be at school and continue our learning journey together!

Flamingos and Mrs Calabro

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