Egypt's Trade

By: Dylan Golden


Egyptian Trade

Egypt exports several things across the states and that is a reason why we should stay friends with them (for the future). Egypt is known for trading items that matter in different places so Egypt matters in other places. If we don't some prices will rise and we will have a bad future well the whole United States will.

Gasoline Trade to the United States from the Egyptian trade.

Egypt gasoline trade

Egypt has the Nile and the Mediterranean sea to help with gas. Egypt produces a lot of gasoline so they have a need to share it. They have the Nile so they will have no problem with getting gasoline. Egypt gets good gasoline trade deals so they probably get a lot of money. We don't have them so we need to stay friends with Egypt for the future.

More Trades to the United States from Egyptian people.

More trades from Egypt

Egypt trades gold,oils,coal and several more.The picture shows what Egypt trades across the world. So Egypt will affect our future and we need to stay friends with them. Egypt's trades affect the future so were lucky we have Egypt to help. Without the trades from Egypt the U.S. future would be filled with problems.

Egypt Matters to the United States

Why Does Egypt Matter To The United States

Egypt matters to the U.S. due to trades. Gasoline trades matter because we need Gasoline. Other trades matter because we need other things than gasoline. As stated several times Egypt matters to the United States due to trading and without it will affect the future for the whole United States.

Egypt Attractions

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