Library News

January 2016

Removing "extra stuff" on YouTube videos

If you are sharing videos with your class, the following sites can be used to get rid of all the ads or suggested videos on the side:

Just copy and paste the YouTube link to enjoy a clutter- and distraction-free viewing!

"EPIC!" eBooks

I've shared this before in a Smore, but if you haven't already done so, you HAVE to check out EPIC!

Teachers can sign up for a free account with this e-library (can be used on a web browser or downloaded as an app) and access thousands of eBooks. It is similar to Big Universe (although BU offers more detailed statistics regarding your students' accounts) and also offers some more popular titles, like Scaredy Squirrel and the Berenstain Bears, that BU does not have. If your kids enjoy eBooks on Big Universe and OverDrive, they will love EPIC!