Great Idea Cup

imagine your idea be implemented

Implement your great idea now !

There are still a lot of area on IT that need to improve, so it can be a stimulation for IT Team to be more creative. There are still many complaint tickets, problems, issues, and falls event alarms on IT.

Contribute this program will be an advantage of your carrier path due to your idea to get a better quality of Telkomsel IT services.

Target of Competition

  • New great idea for each component (VAS, CRM, Billing & Charging, Infrastructure, New Business / Digital, & Corporate Service)
  • Reduce of complaint ticket, problem, issue & falls alarm (e.g: trouble shooting tools, improve system / flow process, new application)
  • Improve IT Customer Satisfaction Index (To improve user satisfaction index on IT Customer Survey 2015)
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14 Mar 2015 : Program Launching, User Registration Opening

14 May 2015 : Application Deadline, Closing Program

W3 May 2015 until W2 Jun 2015 : Judging Process (User Presentation and Scoring)

15 June 2015 : Rewarding

July - Aug 205 : Implementation

Win exclusive reward by contributing this challenge !

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