Glogster in the Classroom

By: Rana Powell Winfrey

My Reflection:

The webinar I viewed was "Using Glogster to Organize and Present Content". This webinar was presented by Jim Dachos. He is a member of the Glogster team who also has had over 20 years of experience in the education field. The main idea of the webinar was to identify the benefits of using Glogster and Glogster EDU for students and teachers.

Dachos introduced the concept of Glogster and what its uses are. He mentioned that Glogster is a way for teacher and students to share knowledge in an interactive platform. The webinar also pointed out that Glogster allows users to utilize photos, videos, text, audio, and other available resources to create unique posters. One of the most interesting points was to find out that Glogster and Glogster EDU are outlets for educators to keep students engaged, an easy way to make learning fun, and a creative way to not rely mainly on textbooks.

This webinar was very informational considering I have only used Glogster once. I didn't realize the ways that it can be used in the classroom. Dachos did have some technical difficulties during the webinar, but that is nothing uncommon in the technology world. He tried to show several examples of student and teacher glogs; however, not all of them showed up. The images that were seen in the webinar tied into the content very well. Although the video was an hour long, the information was organized in a way where my attention was focused the entire time. I do feel that I may have even been more focused had I watched the webinar live instead of recorded. Overall, I really enjoyed this webinar. I am very interested in learning more about Glogster, seeing more examples, and even trying it out in the classroom.

My New Knowledge

  1. Glogster is not only for teachers, but students can use it, too. Students think of it as a fun learning experience. Glogster is seen as a way for students to express their creativity and leads students to have self-expression. For students, it can also motivate them to explore new topics in which they may have previously been less interested in exploring. One of the most exciting benefits is that it can foster teamwork and collaboration among students and allow them to find the excitement in working with others.
  2. For teachers, Glogster also has many benefits. One of the most thrilling benefits is that Glogster gives teaching, learning, and assessment alternatives to achieve the requirement of today's schools, districts, and state standards. Constantly, teachers are being asked to teach in a variety of styles while giving a variety of assessments to their students. With Glogster, that is definitely a possibility. Teachers can use this tool for not only teaching the content that their students need to learn, but they can also use it for formative and summative assessments.
  3. Glogster can be used by a variety of ages. The webinar mentions that it is a virtual, digital educational platform that transcends age, gender, culture, grade, subject matter, school type, and location. Dachos pointed out that most students are usually 13 years of age before they have an account on Glogster; however, it can be used by younger students when monitored by an adult. I can using this tool with my second graders for introducing and reviewing topics in a variety of subjects.

Additional Resources

How To Use Glogster

This Scribd document gives step-by-step instructions of how to use Glogster. Some information includes hot to log in and update your profile. This documents also tells a person how to create a glog, design a glog and add your own flair, and how to save the glog. This would be great for first time users or those who are not familiar with the learning tool.

Hooked on Glogster!

This is an online article from a blog. It gives background knowledge on the author using old school methods of making posters with her children for school projects. Then, it tells the reader about Glogster, a new and innovative way of creating those same posters using technology. It also discusses visual literacy and the 21st Century Learner. The articles also gives examples to teachers of how to use Glogster in their classrooms.

How to Use Glogster The Basics

Glogster... The Basics!

This is a short video that also tells how to use Glogster. What is great about this video is that it only gives you the basic steps, but you are given a visual so that no one feels overwhelmed. It also great to see a students telling how to operate the features of Glogster.

Mr. J's Science Space

This is a wikispace website that belongs to a teacher named Mr. J. This website shows several examples of students' science projects that have been completed on Glogster. This would be a great site to show students strong and weak work examples before they begin their own glogs.