Ancient Egypt

By:Derek Farrah geography and society hierarchy


The geography of Egypt was import because the Nile provided farm land and it protested them from invaders. If not for the Nile the Egypt we know today would not exist today.

society hierarchy

society hierarchy is basted on the job of the person. The pharaoh is at the top because he is the most important of all,then the nobles they are the the helpers for the pharaoh,then the scribes and craftspeople they wright like papers and make or grow produces,than we have the farmers,servants,and slaves they are at the bottom of it all.


The mummification was to honer them in the afterlife. Mummification is the ancient Egypt's religion and there organs were prserved in jars
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pharaohs are the rulers of Egypt for how ever log they live then the next person in there family will be the pharaoh like the son of the pharaoh.


rose to power in upper Egypt and in 3100 BC some historians think that Menes accomplishments and Menes are a meth and that it was all dune by ancient kings named Aha,Scorpion, or Narmer.
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