Tiong Bahru GI

Von,Benedict,Lin Xin,WenLin,Liling

Interview Survey


1. How long have you been staying in Tiong Bahru/How frequently do you come?

2. Is the price of the estate here affordable? If no, why is that so?

3. How are the amenities and facilities around the estate? Is it convenient and useful?

4.Is there any places that is memorable here for you? If yes, would you mind sharing about it to us?

5.What attracted you/make you decide to live here?

Interviewe 1:

1. 50 years

2. Affordable

3. Convenient

4. Temple

5.He is very used to this place as he was born here

Interviewe 2:

1. 10-20 years

2. Yes

3. Convenient

4. Tiong Bahru Maket

5. Business here is good

Interviewe 3:

1. About 7 years

2. Yes

3.Yes, it is convenient

4. Coffee Shop. it gives off a old school feel

5. It is convenient and amenities here are quite decent

Interviewe 4:

1. About 8 years

2. Yes,the price here is quite affordable around my time

3. Yes, it is very useful and convenient. there is a coffee shop nearby the estate very easy to get stuff one

4. Yes, the market in Tiong Bahru.

5. Find this place good and efficient

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"What make Tiong Bahru an inclusive housing estate"

According to our group research and everything we have gathered throughout, we have come to an conclusion on what make Tiong Bahru an inclusive housing. Through interviews and research, it was stated that prices of the estates are adorable and reasonable enough to purchase. From our observation, there are many amenities and facilities such as the market, coffee shops and many others. This, however does not only catar to an certain age group but to all as well. Not only that, the places at Tiong Bahru gives resident a sense of belonging. An resident interviewed mentioned in how the coffee shop gives an old school feels. With this stated, the affordability, convincey and sense of belonging is what makes Tiong Bahru an inclusive housing