District 64 PE Newsletter

News, Updates, Information and Lessons! (November)

IAHPERD Convention is here!

Please go to this website and go shopping ;) Choose something you would be interested in...Pablo and I will pick up the tab!


Another New Ordering Contact!!

Our contact person at GOPHER SPORTS is John Schultz . If you have questions regarding equipment he is our go-to person and very helpful :)

Here is another way to incorporate learning targets and nailing the "walk and talk"...maybe on bulletin boards in the gym?

Let's be ready for January! I have not volunteered for this yet, however, if the department would like me to volunteer I will do this if it helps you all out. I need some feedback on this please.

Technology Committee Update


  • How to show improvements (student growth)
  • Ability to change the sit and reach beyond 12”??
  • Use full potential of website (graphs, reach out to parents, classroom resources, etc)

#2. APPS and Healthy Concepts with Tech:

  • Cross Country/Times App

  • Songza music apps

  • Countdown timer app with music on the ipad (I think the elementary uses this already?) the music stops when the timer stops, and starts again. can be used for warm ups or circuit training in the fitness center

  • Musicworkout

  • Polar GoFit

  • Add pedometers, is it possible to have them web based so the kids steps are auto stored online?

  • Acquire accurate class lists each trimester...

  • Begin using flipped lessons.

  • Student Projects (Goal Setting Ideas)

  • Add wireless “hot spots” or airports outside in the fields so we can use wireless outside with the heart rate monitors on the ipads.

  • I know at one time Harley/Aaron made a dvd on the proper techniques of teaching and testing the fitness tests so we were all on the same page. Maybe we could do it again and download it on everyone’s iPad so they can check periodically to refresh their memory.

  • Portal review and Input

  • Digital Student Portfolios Overview

  • Google Drive Overview

  • Hapara (Student accountability)

Curriculum Committee Update

This committee is in the process of creating a new curriculum breakdown for our district that mimics what is in the BIG BLACK BOOK; this will consist of amount of weeks units should be, breaking down lesson, adding in learning targets and also having option rainy days activities or "add ins". They are also playing with the idea of re-creating and re-organizing our units of study that do not contain "sport" titles but rather units like "object control' or "manipulatives" that will incorporate our current sport units. They are also creating unit objectives for In-Line Skating(ELEM), Team Hand Ball(ELEM), Golf(ELEM), and Racket Skills (ELEM). Pacing is almost complete...YAY! The goal is to be up and running (MS & ELEM) in the Fall!

Community Outreach Committee Update

Some brainstorming ideas include:

  • Partner up with the Indian Princess Group & D64 to promote the 5K.

  • PE teachers can encourage kids to participate and volunteer to run with a team.
  • Put monthly activity calendars in the school newsletters. Either make our own or use the American Heart Association one.
  • Write articles for teacher talk to promote the PE Dept.
  • Have a PE member from each school on the WELLNESS COUNCIL ( at the very least, one member from elementary and one from middle school )??
  • Supports Michelle Obama “Let’s Move” initiative. (offers a joined effort for students,teachers and parents in the community and out)

  • Have a PE rep at the Healthy Living Month meetings to give input. (work with wellness)

  • Elementary PE teachers meet & greet students as they are walking to school. Hand our feet during Healthy Living Month.

  • Middle School kids “Walk Across America"

  • Twitter/Instagram accounts for teachers (Check Bessie and Harley’s webpage #64 and have parents follow)

Professional Development Committee Update

Check out this website below for Lesson Plans from SPARK!

Michael Jordan's Basketball Lesson

Michael Jordon's Lessons on Basketball Techniques...do kids even know who he is?

Episode 1 - Shooting Basics

Shooting Seminar Video

THE Forward Roll Tutorial

For our tumbling units...just a quick review on the forward roll! Some good points!

The Basics of Volleyball - Passing

Volleyball Lesson on getting students ready for passing and serving! Check it out...

The Basics of Volleyball - Serving

Here is a video for students with disabilities (wheelchair) that may spark an idea in the MS fitness center!

Disability Gym Workout

Check out this website...wheelchair YOGA!

Our New Social Chairs for the 2015-2016 School Year! Bessie and Andrew!

If you have not submitted social dues it is NOT too late!

Full Time = $10

Part-Time = $5

Please email me suggestions if you would like to see other things that help support curriculum...I am always looking for new ideas. Thanks for reading :)