T.H.E. Weekly Newsletter

March 20, 2023

Tenie Holmes Elementary

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T.H.E. Blackcats of the Week

3rd Grade: Iker Rodriguez, Cecilia Rodriguez;

4th Grade: Jason Hernandez, Tonantzin Camargo;

5th Grade: Oscar Bautista, Camila Vega;

Mrs. Piwonka: Kristin Franklin

Congratulations to all these students, we look forward to recognizing students every week for their hard work and dedication.

This weeks MVP STAR LISTENSER AWARD goes to Grayson Linsey

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Students must be in class ready to receive instruction at 8:00am

The 5th Six Weeks begins Tuesday 2/21/23.
  • Individual class attendance incentives. Popcorn celebration when the class spells out BLACKCATS.
  • The class with the highest attendance % per grade level will get pizza at the end of the third and sixth weeks.
  • Grade level with the highest attendance % will get an ice cream social at the end of the six weeks.


Chromebook Etiquette-Parents, we need your assistance with the following:

At THE we have Chromebook rules.

1. Only log into a Chromebook using their own username and password.

2. Do not let anyone borrow your Chromebook if you have already logged into it.

3. Be mindful that everything we search for on the internet is being monitored.

4. As a student, you are ultimately responsible for anything being searched for under your username and password.

Parents, we greatly appreciate your help with this matter.

W.I.N. Time


We will resume W.I.N. Time after school on Tuesday 3/21 and on Saturday, 3/25.

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1. THE staff, students, families, and community will collaborate and lead by example, to provide:

  • A positive and safe learning environment.

  • Following the SCoC (Student Code of Conduct)

  • Utilizing the school's SRO to educate our students on safety.

  • At this time we have Zero Tolerance for Fighting. If you are an instigator and/or spectator you are part of the fight.

2. High-quality learning where all students will learn at high levels, in a culture of collaboration, with a focus on results.
  • Making data-driven decisions with the collaboration of all team leads.

  • Monitoring students' growth with the collaboration of the campus instructional coach and all district instructional facilitators.

  • Providing interventions to close all gaps with the collaboration of the campus interventionist

  • Afterschool tutoring program “WIN” (What I Need)

  • Saturday Academies for students performing below grade level and for enrichment purposes.

3. Building relationships with staff, peers, and partnerships between families and our community to create long-lasting healthy connections.
  • Mentorship program with the district employees.

  • Mentorship program with the community’s leaders.

  • Good News Club

Upcoming Dates:

  • World Down Syndrome Awareness Day

  • Tuesday, March 28, 2023, 3rd-5th Math Benchmark

  • Wednesday, April 19, 2023, 3rd-5th STAAR Reading Test

  • Tuesday, April 25, 2023, 5th STAAR Science Test

  • Tuesday, May 9, 2023, 3rd-5th STAAR Math Test

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Tenie Holmes Elementary

Ana L. Flores

Interim Principal


Marlene Guevara

Assistant Principal: L-Z


Melissa Lukefhar

Assistant Principal: A-K



Megan Perez: A-Z


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