"Flipsnack Time!"

Using Flipsnack to Make Creative Online Presentations

What is Flipsnack?

•Flipsnack is a presentation-based tool that allows students and instructors to present information in a book-flipping format using a PDF document.

What are the Benefits of Using Flipsnack?

  1. Students are actively and creatively engaged
  2. It can promote interaction and collaboration among students
  3. It can promote student's increase in self-confidence
  4. Fun and easy to use
  5. Nice looking presentations

How Can You Use Flipsnack?


  • Class Photo Album
  • Class Poetry Collection Book
  • Unit Introduction
  • Introduction to Class Expectations
  • Create Alphabet Book
  • Open House Presentation


  • Books Reports
  • History Projects
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Science Projects and Reports
  • Create Storybooks
  • Collaborative Group Presentations
Creating Interactive flip books using Flipsnack