Holiday Dream

Every Day is a Special Occasion


This city is technology based and perfect. Robots and tech gear do everything for you. From cooking to cleaning they do it. If you're bored you can watch television, play sports, and do any thing technology provides. If you are going through a mid-life crisis you can go through a job experience cycle. If life isn't up to your specks you can just leave the beautiful city with the ability to return later. And the best part is it is all free with a basic high school education.

Reason for Exsitence

In the year 2026 a massive technological war between the US and Russia broke out. World War three struck and left ruins everywhere around the world. Several billion died. With the remaining population, Holiday Dream was created in reminisce of America, and further solved previous problems. Our society has every reason for existence. The problem of millions of people dying in war is gone. The hatred people get from others is eliminated. If anyone causes problems in the society they are given a second chance or are immediately kicked out. War and hatred are no where to be seen. Everyone in the city will be entertained all day with anything that they desire. Government is ran by the society. Everyone gets a vote. The society has everything it needs and gives people a chance to live the life they always wanted.

Community Members

Are you lazy?

Are you ambitious?

Would you rather choose what to do on your own time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions our Utopia is a fit for you! You mold your schedule after basic education to do what you want. Money is not an object, technology is used for your purpose to create anything, to do anything. Live life with fun.

American Dreams and Novels

The American dream is defined in several ways: being free and given the chance to follow your dream. Our society displays the vision in every way. Every citizen is given freedom and allowed to do as they wish. They are able to pursue their imagination, learn, and accomplish what they desire. A novel called, Lone Survivor, by Patrick Robinson and Marcus Luttrell, captures the passion for opportunity that the soldiers fight with and die for. Our Utopia is where freedom already rings.

Comparison To Fahrenheit 451

The novel, Fahrenheit 451, compares to the great Holiday Dream through technology coexisting with natural land. While the utopia is heavily based on technology, citizens have the freedom to wander through surrounding meadows and nature. Fahrenheit 451 displays a similar concept during Guy Montag’s escape from the technology savvy city to the old broken down railroads where he meets with other outcasts of society. Also, both Fahrenheit 451 and Holiday Dream require a high school “education”. While these concepts are similar, within each one there are key contrasts.

While Montag feels suffocated and as if society has lost all thought and purpose, the utopia, Holiday Dream, serves as a relaxing vacation where people have the freedom of choice to do what they would like to. There would be no suffocation or force of the same kind that led Montag to murder and then in turn live life as a fugitive. Education and intelligence would not be banned in any way, going against the ideals of Montag’s civilization. In fact, the high school education required by law to those under the age of 18, would consist of general education of all subjects where kids would have the chance to learn. Schools in Holiday Dream are the polar opposite of the aggressive, time-wasting schools which Clarisse experienced.


Some potential problems arise when people decide that they would rather be a problem than have fun and be happy. The technology is suppose to make you never stop having fun but when human nature makes citizens want to cause issues there must be punishment. Criminals could destroy the robotic infrastructure and cause the whole Utopia to fail. If someone attempts to destroy technology or hurt another person they are given one more chance. These laws are enforced by the citizens through a mandatory voting over the situation. With every citizen having a basic high school education, they are able to make crucial decisions for society. If accused a robotic policeman will capture the criminal. These outlaws are forced to go through a mental course accessing their problems. Once completed they are welcomed back to society. If they try to cause another problem they are forced to leave the city and never come back.

Society should never not have fun. The technology can create anything that you can imagine. If you are still feeling bored then you can go through a real life experience job cycle. You can learn to cook, plant crops, build houses, or program computers. This should make people want to either come back to the easy life or leave the city and survive on their own.