Line up

By:Kimmy Chapen 2-17-16

Leg positioner:What position do you want to be in

About the Company

The owners of the company is a young girl named Kimberly Chapen and her younger brother Jonathan Chapen.The company has about 30 workers and 10 supervisors per factory.The company was based out of Kentucky because of the horse derby.

History of the company

The idea for this company was in may 2001,and Kimberly Chapen had her little brother put it together. The company was actually made in June 2003. The leg positioner was made by factory system ,in a lowell mills,and has interchangeable parts.The first location of the factories was right off the eerie canal.I would have never gotten this idea if it weren't for Henry Clay.

About the Product

What's the products name again? That's right leg positioner. Its used for getting your legs in the perfect place on each saddle.Why would anybody use this product? It helps you learn were your legs are supposed be on that saddle.You can by them online and at horse stores.


The removable Velcro is $3 for a pack of 4 and the Velcro pants are about $45.There is a deal online if you buy 2 pairs of pants and one package of Velcro you get a package free


My product is the best because there is nothing out there like my product.80% Of the people who used my product saw improvement within 3 weeks.If it weren't for samuel slater I would not be able to start this company

National Pride

This product will help people be better horse riders.This will not be apart of nationalism but it will play a small part in sectionalism.

Guarantee or warrantee

There is a 5 month warrantee if it breaks within 5 months we repair it.You can also buy a warrantee after the 5 months
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