Aiming High @ HCC

Leading Learners and Marking & Feedback

Leading Learners

This term we launched the start of our new student forum; Leading Learners. These are students who are going to champion teaching and learning across school but from a learner's perspective.

They have met a few times and have been real busy bees; designing their own website (coming soon!), choosing a mascot and coming up with ways to share learning experiences across school.

Their early ideas comprise of a student voice day where all students across school will get the opportunity to share their thoughts about their learning.

They have also chosen their Leading Learners Mascot - Bertie the Bee! They feel this represents students who work hard and be the best that they can be! If you have any exciting learning activities planned get Bertie involved and take some pictures so that this can be shared on the Leading Learners website.

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Marking and Feedback

Caroline and I have been really impressed with the quality of marking and feedback that is going on around school and we can see how this is benefiting our students through the advice you are giving and the progress they can make as a result of this.

In order for us to become an outstanding school the focus with marking and feedback now needs to be put back on the students and how they are responding to your comments so that they make progress as a result of feedback given by you.

The key to this is for us to work smarter not harder. Work should be marked regularly using WWW/EBI, a level or grade given and students should have had time to respond with MAD time which has helped them to progress. This can be done during lessons or for homework and where possible a regrade of MAD work will help show progression.

After Christmas, Caroline and I will be sharing outstanding examples with you all so that everyone has a good idea of how we can implement effective marking and feedback systems in our lessons irrespective of subject area.

After all what is the point of marking if it doesn't help students to progress?

Terrific Teacher - Well done Mr Joshi!

This term has seen Mr Joshi been crowned our 'Terrific Teacher' for encouraging students to be independent learners, well done Nitesh!

In the new year Nitesh will be giving his top tips for independent learning and using Kagan in your lessons.

Thank you!!

Thank you for all your hard work this long term! Have a restful Christmas break a fantastic New Year!

The teaching and learning team :)