HRE Weekly Bulletin

February 15th through February 19th

This week at a glance...

Mon, Feb 15th: No School, Presidents' Day

Tue, Feb 16th: No School, Flex Day

Tue, Feb 16th: Butler Lab School Visit

Wed, Feb 17th: HRE Book Club Meeting, 8:00

Thur, Feb 18th: PTO Board Meeting, 9:30

Next week at a glance...

Mon, Feb 22nd: 3rd Grade Flessner PD @ Admin

Thur, Feb 25th: SIP Presentation @ Admin, 1:00

Fri, Feb 26th: School Spirit Day (Favorite President/1st Lady)

Fri, Feb 26th: HSSF Game Day Event @ Connor Prairie

Congrats Shannon Edwards!

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For the second time this year Second grade teacher, Shannon Edwards is this week's GRIP winner! Shannon was caught showing Integrity and Purpose this week. Shannon has gone above and beyond by sacrificing her own time on the weekend and teacher workday to help prepare iPads for testing. Shannon is also a critical member of the HSE21 team as we prepare for the 1:1 roll-out. Thanks for all you do Shannon!

Other staff members receiving nominations this time were...Kris Chandler, Nora Mangano, and Traci Gue. Don't forget to nominate a colleague who you catch "Getting a GRIP"! Nomination slips are here in the office.

HSE21 In Action!

What can research look like in first grade? In Courtney Gibson's room, geodes became all the rage last fall, thanks to a single Genius Hour question. As you watch this short clip, consider how the students are owningtheir learning! Notice how the iPads are used - the technology is one tool enabling the exploration and discovery, but books and actual geodes play a major role as well!

Click the link or copy it to view...

Copier Jams

Lately we have been having copier jams that are not being reported to the office. This has created situations where copy machines are out of service for longer periods of time. If you are making copies and encounter a jam, please report it to one of the ladies in the office immediately. We ask that you also share this information with your parent volunteers. Thanks!

Water Project

HRE students and families collected over 150 cases of water to send to Flint, Michigan! Thank you for your efforts and encouraging our students to give back to others! This is an actual picture of the water we collected being delivered to the folks in Flint. Please share with your students.