Winter Writer's Narrative


Dear Julio,

It’s your friend Masyn from the United States, I was wondering if your family had any special holiday traditions. My family has tons of traditions!! For example, on Christmas eve my brothers and I sleep in the same room and before we go to sleep, we read “ The Night Before Christmas”. Also, our family always have a big christmas party and all of our friends and our family come.

On Christmas morning we have to sit on the steps and wait for my whole family to get there before we can open our presents. We also hop in the car and go check out Christmas lights in our area.

Last year, we started doing “Elf On The Shelf.” His name is Big red. If you are wondering what an “Elf On The Shelf” is, it’s a little elf that is always watching you. At night when you go to sleep, he “ flies” away to report to Santa. In the morning he is in a different spot and you have to find him.

Another tradition is that when we are opening presents, we rotate. It goes, Karsyn, Me , Dalsyn, and then sometimes my half-brother comes and he goes last. After opening presents, we have a big family breakfast. It includes eggs, bacon, cinnamon buns, and orange juice. Then we play with whatever we get for Christmas for a little while.

After that, in the early afternoon, other family members come over and give us their gifts. Then at night, we have a big Christmas dinner. That’s just a couple of my traditions. I’m looking forward to hearing about your special holiday traditions! Thanks.

Your Friend,