Kindergarten Newsletter

Chisholm Ridge Elementary

This Week:


Writing: The students will continue to focus on procedural writing by writing 'How-To' and 'All About' stories.

Math: The students will focus on how many numbers in all, in a story problem..

Social Studies/Science: In science we will differentiate between living and non-living things. In Social Studies we will continue learning positional words.

High Frequency Words and Word Families:

High Frequency Words:


Word Families:



Vocabulary Focus:

Positional words such as over, under, behind, in front of, next to, near, far, left, right, etc...

Kindergarten will be having a 'Sight Word Easter Egg Hunt.' Please send one dozen plain, plastic eggs. Please fill them with treats and send them to school with the following sight words written on them in sharpie. (no peanut products please)

Words to add to Easter Eggs:













Wrangler Reminders:

*March 30 - April 3 - Closed Campus for STAAR testing - Closed campus means that no visitors will be permitted, even for lunch visits.

*Wednesday, April 1 - Easter Eggs Due (one dozen/plain eggs with sight words written on them)

* April 10 - Wrangler Run

*April 16 - Music Performance 6:00

*April 17 - Bad weather make-up day.

* April 30 - Kindergarten Field Trip to the Zoo

Field Trip Information:

Parents, if you would like to attend our Kindergarten Field Trip, please confirm with the front office that you have turned in a background check form.

Life Principle of the week:

Perseverence: The ability to persist or continue striving to the end

Important Information:

* If you’d like to join us on Fridays for our Wrangler Round-Up where we honor one child from every classroom for demonstrating the Life Principle we are learning just sign-in at the front office by 8:20 am. If your child is being honored your child’s teacher will contact you in advance so that you can attend & celebrate with us!