Rocks Are Great for Oil!

Can we turn Coal into Oil?

Coal is very abundant in many places around the U.S., including Texas. We have found a way to produce oil from coal. This way is MUCH cheaper. One ton of coal is $18, and that makes 1.5 barrels of oil. Oil from the middle east cost $100 a barrel, while oil from coal is $30. Also, coal can be turned into oil in small refineries instead of billion dollar factories.

How we Turn Coal into Oil

Liquid Coal: The New Black Gold? - CBN.com

5 Steps:

1. Find Coal in the U.S. This shouldn't be very hard. There are 27 crucial coal-producing states in the United States. These include Montana (120 billion pounds per year), Illinois (78 billion pounds per year), and Wyoming (68 billion pounds per year), and Texas produces 13 billion pounds of coal per year. It shouldn't be that hard for us to simply travel to these states and collect coal.

2. Build small refinery. Since the coal needs to be heated to very high temperatures, we would need to use steel or some other material that is not flammable. We would be able to afford more expensive material to build the refinery using the money that we save from building a smaller, settled refinery rather than a big billion dollar factory.

3. Take it to the refineries. Every freight train can hold up to 250,000 pounds per cart, that is equivalent to 125 tons of coal and 187.5 barrels of oil! That is enough to fill up 3,563 cars...crazy! Transportation shouldn't be a problem if we use freight trains. They're quick, easy, and hold a lot of coal!

4. Turn coal into oil! In order for coal to be transformed into oil, It needs to be heated to more than 2,000 degrees, then it needs to be added to steam and oxygen, then pressurized, then put through a series of chemical reactions. This is the perfect recipe for oil.

5. Send the oil out among the U.S. Based on the stats, we should have a LOT of oil. We should actually have some left over ourselves! The United States will be a very stable country when it comes to oil if we follow through with this plan. If we have oil leftover, we can actually send some to the Middle East (via ship or air travel) in return for how much they’ve given us, we can help them become more stable! But first we would need to make sure all the gas stations and other places have all the oil they need before we start sharing.

Letter to Government

To: The government of the U.S.A

From: Whitney Bras and Shay Johnson

We have a new plan to get oil. As you know, we now receive a majority of our oil from the Middle East, but we have to stop that. Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest oil producer, and because of that there is always concern that Al Quada could overthrow it. So with that at stake, we could lose a lot of our oil…so we have to switch gears.

Instead of Looking at the Middle East, we should start focusing on ourselves! The U.S has great resources that sometimes go unnoticed, like coal! Coal is a very common natural recource in the U.S, and believe It or not, it can be turned into oil! That is exactly what we need to do. Instead of relying on the Middle East for most of our oil, we need to take advantage and use our own resources to make our own oil! If we do this, we wont have to worry about complications with the Middle East if they become even more unstable than they already are.

You might be thinking that it would cause a lot of extra stress for us to manage and produced our own oil from coal, and it just might. But imagine how stressed and empty we would be if we lost our oil supply!? And besides, turning coal into oil is a fairly simple task and should cost less money than constantly having to buy oil from the Middle East.

Our plan will be very successful, and I hope you take it into consideration.