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About the Website (ETT) is a organization created by teachers for teachers. Their philosophy is to work with teachers (through workshops, online collaboration, etc.) in order to effectively integrate technology into the classroom. This resource is extensive, and of course focuses on tech.

The website itself:

This resource contains a section specifically for mathematics that includes other math resource websites as well as suggested math blogs to follow. Below I will elaborate on a couple of the resources included in ETT that I found to be useful.

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Notable Blogs

dy/dan - Dan Meyer!

Who is surprised that he is at the top of the list? ETT gives a link to both his blog and 3-Act-Math Plays.

Continuous Everywhere But Differentiable Nowhere - Sam Shah

This man seems to be very knowledgeable about mathematics, passionate about teaching, and has a quirky sense of humor. He has taught everything from Calculus to Geometry and provides pages of resources on different mathematical topics. He also includes some of the projects that he is proud of. This blog is worth a read if you want to find open-ended tasks to challenge students.

There are other blogs mentioned, but I did not find them as helpful or easy to navigate as the ones listed above

For the Record:

I know I can't include Dan Meyer as a resource that I am not familiar with....I just wanted a hyperlink to his blog on this flyer!

Notable Resources

Illuminations - NCTM

This resource was developed by the NCTM and provides several lessons, games, and activities for teaching mathematics. The website is easy to search and you can choose to search based on NCTM standards or common core standards. The search engine will also give you the option to search based on specific grade level. There are some good ideas included in this resource, but I believe lessons may need to be adapted in order to be effective in the classroom.

NRICH Project

This website aims to enhance the mathematics experience by offering teachers resources for classroom teaching and opportunities for professional development. The development of the resource was led by Jo Boaler (sound familiar?). I find the site a bit difficult to navigate, but I think it is worth mentioning. The link above will take you to the Secondary Teacher page.

Inside Mathematics

Inside Mathematics is a great resource if you are looking for shared lesson plans, challenging extension questions, or assessment tools (which they refer to as performance assessment tasks). Included, which I find interesting, are videos of teachers facilitating the lessons that are shared on the site. The only drawback is that performance assessment tasks seem to emphasize writing tasks.

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