Incoming DUAA Students

Entering Coll. 148

Course Shell and Eco-Print

Course Shell is were you will do your Coll. 148 and any other College class work. Here you can check your grades, turn in homework, class discussion, book reading. Eco-Print is the DUAA printing system. In your DUAA account you start of with a certain amount of money that you can only use to print in the school.

Study For Classes

Studying might not be a normal habit that you have, but entering this school you will have to study for your test and college classes. Students that decide not to study will show a drop in their overall grade. It is strongly encouraged to study for all of your classes.


Procrastination seems like a big problem to over come but simple steps can help you overcome it. You need to create good habits that will help you improve in your classes and succeed. Things such as setting specific time to do work, clearing your space do work without distractions and having self control will help you fight your procrastination.

Knowing Staff

Knowing the staff and where they are located will help you all your two years as a DUAA student. Ms. Drake and Principal Eggert are two of the many people you will need to know.