how to use a compass

by Israel Pernell

compass 101

A compass is really easy to use you just have to get your needles pointing the same way as the n for north I know I live west from my school so I go west where the needle is pointing so that I can get home.However make sure you do not have any kind of magnets on you or it will malfunction.Then you will never make it to your destination then you will be lost forever and trust me you do not want to be wandering on the streets.

Now That You are Done Use Your Compass

Now that you know what to do you will now go outside to use a compass make sure you follow each step in the paragraph compass 101 remember never get your compass by a computer it uses magnetic fields and you compass will become victim to the magnetism challenge your self see if you can make your way home from school or the bus stop or from anywhere there are even some books that tell you how to make a compass see if you can find them at your store.

Steps and Refreshers.

here is a refresher on the steps step one makes sure you are not by any magnets, step two make sure the blue end is facing the n for north and the red is facing the s for south then step three figure out where you are going west, north, south, or east after you have done that make the blue point go that way that follow it.
Map Compass 101