Of Mice and Men


Plot events chapter 1

  • George told Lennie when they get new land he could tend the rabbits
  • Lennie found a mouse and hid it from George because he loves feeling soft things
  • Introduced how Lennie's Aunt Clara gave him mice when he was little to make him calm
  • The dream of getting their own land was introduced
  • George told Lennie he didn't need him

Plot events chapter 2

  • Lennie and George make it to the new job
  • Meet Candy and find out he gossips about the boss, Curley's wife, and the other workers
  • George and Lennie meet The Boss and The Boss is very suspicious of them
  • They meet The Boss's son Curley and Curley is very jealous of Lennie's size
  • Lennie and George meet Curley's wife and she is very flirty
  • They meet slim and George becomes friends with him

Plot events chapter 3

  • Lennie is in the barn all alone
  • George tells Slim how Lennie got in trouble
  • Slim and George are starting to become closer
  • Carlson kills Candy's dog
  • Candy is now apart of George and Lennie's American Dream
  • Lennie and Curley get in a fight

Plot events chapter 4

  • Lennie and Crooks meet
  • Crooks is explaining to Lennie that he is lonely
  • Candy and Lennie tell Crooks about their American Dream
  • Curley's wife threatens Crooks
  • Curley's wife is glad Lennie beat up Curley
  • George is frustrated because they told Crooks their American Dream

Plot events chapter 5

  • Lennie accidentally killed his puppy
  • Curley's wife tries to talk to Lennie when they are alone
  • Curley's wife explains that she doesn't really like Curley
  • Curley's wife opens up to Lennie
  • Tells Lennie to feel her hair because it is soft and Lennie starts to pull on it causing her to scream
  • Lennie shakes her so much to stop screaming she dies
  • The other men find out and decide to find and kill Lennie

Plot events chapter 6

  • Lennie goes back to the Salinas River and hides in the brush and waits for George
  • George find Lennie and the other men are looking for them
  • George tells Lennie about their dream again
  • George shoots Lennie so he isn't tortured by the other men
  • The other men find them and Slim explains to George he did the right thing
  • George is sad because he did not want to kill Lennie

Main characters in the book


One of the main themes developed in this story is the dreams of a better life can make a difficult one more bearable. All throughout the story the characters are dreaming of a better life to keep them motivated in the life they have now." George says, I could get alon so easy if I didn't have you on my tail"(21).This shows that he wishes Lennie was gone so he could have a better life. Another theme developed is companionship is necessary for happiness. This is shown by a lot of the characters. They don't like being alone. George say, " It's a lot nicer to go around with a guy you know" (35).