Auschwitz and the Allies

By Martin Gilbert


You've heard the cliche stories about Jewish people being persecuted and sent to their doom at a concentration camp with their sappy stories, but what happened during all of this in non-occupied countries? What were the allies' reactions to Hitler's proclamation of the Annihilation of Jews? Auschwitz and the Allies is just that. Martin Gilbert shows us the letters and meetings about the disturbing happenings in eastern Europe.

Gilbert explains the events that involve Jews being deported to "unknown destinations" and how Zionist leaders tried to help them, but with little to no success. He also describes some of the battles during World War II that tie in with what his main focus is on, which is Hitler's mass murder and the allies reactions.

3 TRUE Facts

1. Jewish refugees tried to go to Palestine but were not let in.

2. In Britain, they wouldn't let any more Jewish refugees in to prevent anti-semantic violence.

3. By 1942 British forces pushed back Rommel's Afrika Korp in North Africa.

Who Would Enjoy This?

People who like to read Wikipedia pages or textbooks will most likely enjoy Auschwitz and the Allies. People who like the fictional holocaust books will absolutely hate this book unfortunately.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Historical Non-Fiction