The Temple of Hephaestus

by: Abbie and Mia

Who Was Worshiped and How They Were

Hephaestus was worshiped in this temple because he was a god of fire and metal working and crafting. They celebrated Hephaestus by dancing and banquets. He is honored with the festival "Chalceia" in the month of Pyanopsion also known as October. The Romans worshiped Hephaestus because they thought of him as one of their own gods. He was also known as "Vulcan".

The Architect

The architects name was Ictinus. He was active in mid 5th century BC. Ictinus was a co-architect for Parthenon. He was also the architect for the Temple of Apollo at Bassae.
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The History/Summary

The Temple started 449 BC and it was built by Athenian politics. Sometimes the temple was called the Theseum. People said this because Theseum was another god and was carved on the temple. But the statue of Hephaestus is actually inside of the temple. Once nobody worshiped him anymore it was changed to the church of Alabama, by the 7th century. During the 19th century or the Greek War, it was used as a burial place for all the fallen ones. Now in present it is a museum that tourist visit and explore.


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The Architecture

The Temple of Hephaestus is built of Pentelic Marble and the sculptures are made out of Parian marble. the temple includes pronaos, a cella, and opisthodomos. The temple has 6 columns on the east and west sides and 13 columns on mostly the south and north sides.
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