Apps For Learning

Mobile applications for lower elementary learners!


  • Quizlet is a great app that can be used to automatically generate flashcards and games based on a group of words inputted by the teacher. It is a fun, easy way for kids to study in a variety of ways and is easy and efficient for the teacher.
  • This site would be great for studying that involves memorization and repetition such as spelling words or learning a second language.


  • Prezi is mainly a website but the application is a great way to make its use much more efficient and accessible. The app can be used to create presentations and has much more options, templates, etc. than PowerPoint. It is a fun way for students to learn and it will remove barriers for many.
  • This app would be fantastic for young children who enjoy working with technology and like to make multimedia presentations. It is a very versatile site that could be used for presentations in a variety of subjects.

Mad Libs

  • Mad libs is a very fun, hilarious app that kids will love! Using the app they can create their own stories, poems, etc. by filling in the blanks with the appropriate type of word. i.e. verb, noun, etc.
  • This app is a very fun way to help kids practise different types of words and differentiating between them.


  • Being so popular outside of the classroom, it is often forgotten what a useful resource YouTube can be within the classroom. It is a site and app that has millions of videos on every topic imaginable. It is a great learning tool and there are tons of videos uploaded by educators to help students struggling with the curriculum.
  • Crash course is a great example of how YouTube can be extremely helpful for students. The crash course videos give students summaries and explanations of difficult concepts and can be watched as many times as necessary.

Class Dojo

  • Class dojo is a classroom management app. It stores student information and you can update and give students positive or negative points depending on their behaviour in the classroom. It keeps track of the points and data and you can view and analyze it or even make it into a graph!
  • This app would give students motivation to stay on task and stay well behaved in the classroom. It is also a great way to track improvement and could be used as a resource if parents need to get involved.