Teen Health

Do good things

Vitamins and minerals

How does vitamin A help your body? Vitamin A helps your immune system and helps growth and development and prevents eye problems. What foods have vitamin A in them? Good sorce of vitamin A are milk, eggs, carrots, orange or green vegtebles, and orange fruit such as mango, peaches, apricots, and cantaloupe. How much vitamin A should teen guys and teen girls have a day? Teen guys need 900 and teen girls need 700. So the next time you are hungry load up on Vitamin A by grabbing some fruit instead of some chips.



Marijuana can effect your body in many ways. Marijuana can effect your thinking and walking. Marijuana is illegal in the United States. Don't use marijuana, or you'll get sick and get in trouble.


Binge drinking is when you drink a lot and often. People think drinking is fun and cool. This is how they become binge drinkers. It is not always fun because it could make you feel sick and damage your life.


Smoking hurts people around you. Secondhand smoke can be bad for your lungs. It makes you cough and feel sick. Don't hurt the people you love by smoking.

Food and nutrition

What is healthier Cousins Sub or Culvers? Cousins Sub is the healthist because it has more choices of food with low calories and less fat than Culvers. Culvers is unhealthy because it is high in calories and fat. So if you are looking for something healthy to eat then go to Cousins Sub and not Culvers.

Birth control

Birth control stops a person from having a baby. You have to get birth control from a doctor. It costs lots of money to buy. Birth control should be taken by people that don't want babies.


You can get STDs from sexual intercourse. There are several types of STDs. Some of them have no cure. You can prevent STD by using a latex condom. People should be careful and not get STD.


Physical abuse is an unhealthy relationship because trying to hurt your partner is not nice. What are some examples of physical abuse? Some examples of physical abuse are kicking, punching hitting, grabbing, and slapping your partner. This is not a kind of relationship you want in your life so don't do it.

Sexual assault, harassment, and abuse

Sexual harassment is when a person gets a text from somebody talking about their body and it makes them uncomfortable. They can go to the police and show them the text and they can arrest them for sexual harassment. Text them without making them uncomfortable.